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Make a splash with a family day out at Aqualandia in Benidorm

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Benidorm's premier attraction Aqualandia is fun filled day out for the whole family. One of the most famous water parks in Europe, visitors flock to it year after year to enjoy the white knuckle rides, fun atmosphere and to cool off in the pools.

Aqualandia Prices

  • Weekend Special - €19/£16.83
  • One Day Ticket - €26/£23.03
  • Family Ticket (2 adults, 2 children) - €112/£99.19
  • Super Friends Ticket (5+ adults) - €33/£29.23
  • Aqualandia + Mundomar - €36/£31.88
  • Day Ticket + sea lion swim - €49/£43.40

Aqualandia Opening TImes

Aqualandia opens its doors in May and stays open all summer long until the end of September. Due to the water in the park being saltwater drawn from Aqualandia's own wells, the temperature gets too chilly in the winter to continue running the park. opening times vary depending on the time of year, but at the latest the park stays open until 8pm.

What Is There To Do?

Aqualandia is all about the rides. The slides are split into 3 categories to give visitors an idea of the intensity of the ride, with green being the most leisurely, child friendly option, orange getting the adrenaline pumping a bit and red being the most white knuckle experiences in the park. One such ride is Vertigo, a must do for fans of really hair raising experiences, as it takes the title of the tallest slide capsule in the world.

The good folks at Aqualandia have taken a lot of the hassle out of trying to work out which rides will suit your family, by preparing some suggested routes through the park depending on the ages of riders or how much excitement you want. The Family route takes you to all of the child friendly attractions - loads of fun for everyone without being too scary. It's worth bearing in mind that several of the rides have height restrictions in place for riders' safety, so even if your child is a seasoned veteran of waterparks, they won't be able to ride many of the red slides.

The next stage up is the Friends route, designed for a mixture of exciting orange rides with a few reds thrown in there for the daredevils. This is the route which takes in the most of what Aqualandia has to offer.

Test your nerves (and the strength of your stomach) on the Extreme route, which features Aqualandia's tallest, fastest and scariest rides, created for fans of a white knuckle adrenaline fuelled day out. Rides such as VertiGo and Black Hole are so tall that they offer thrill seekers a fantastic view of the Benidorm skyline for a split second before everything descends into a blur of watery chaos and screaming.

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Other Things to Know Before you Go

Aqualandia is a popular day out amongst families in Benidorm, and at peak times, the park can get very busy. It's a great idea to book your tickets in advance and skip the ticket office queues when you get there (hint; there's a certain holiday company we could name which does Aqualandia tickets...check out our page here.)

Alternatively, visit Aqualandia's website for tickets and information/

Whenever you're doing anything near water, particularly if you're spending splashing around in the stuff, it's worth taking yourself a little care package. Sunscreen is essential, and there's no use squirting it on yourself once and heading off on your merry way, keep applying it throughout the day. I know we sound like your mother, but the Spanish sun is unforgiving, and you don't want to spend the rest of your holiday nursing painful burns and feeling sorry for yourself with a ice pack. To that end, a sun hat and something to cover your shoulders whilst roaming around the park is also a good bet. Take water with you to drink, as well as a swimming costume, towel and sensible shoes for going around the park. The floors can get slippery with all the water splashing about, so something sturdy with a bit of grip is ideal. This may sound like a lot, but you don't have to worry about dragging it around with you all - there are lockers to rent at €4, plus €2 deposit.

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Getting to Benidorm From Alicante Airport

It's all good and well planning heaps of things to do with your time in Benidorm, but first, you need to get yourself from the airport in Alicante to Benidorm. Thankfully, we;ve got some great options for you.

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