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leave keys
0 minutes
to the airport

Pull up at Terminal 1 with Maple Manor Meet and Greet parking.


Leave the M4 at Junction 4 (or if you're coming from the M25, leave at Junction 14). Follow the signs to terminals 1, 2 and 3 to get to the terminal you need.

When you're exactly 20 minutes from the airport, call Maple Parking on 01895 544382 and choose option 1. Be as exact as you can to 20 minutes before you arrive, as this can cause problems for Maple Parking. When you arrive, just follow the signs for Terminal 1 Short Stay Car Park. The entrance is on the ground floor and as you drive up to the barrier, you just need to take a ticket and drive through. Keep on the right and then turn left to the lower ground floor. Turn right, then drive to the end where you should see the designated Off Airport Meet and Greet parking bays on your left. Park in one of those and one of our drivers in a Maple Parking uniform will come out to meet you at your car.