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Simple style; sophisticated cuisine

The Hilton hotel at Manchester airport boasts Mason’s restaurant, a stylish and contemporary arrangement of simple design. Stylised prints hang from exposed brickwork walls, and the pale-wood tables, chrome finishes and low-hanging ceiling lights blend modern-chic with a rustic edge. Dark wooden blinds hang at the floor-to-ceiling windows in the restaurant, looking onto the terrace where guests enjoy al-fresco dining. Sit down here for a relaxed and informal atmosphere to tuck into the sophisticated menu. Staff are professional, accommodating and friendly, and are perfectionists when it comes to presentation, down to the composition of the complimentary olives and bread sticks on every table.

Italian, American, European - which dish do you prefer?

Mason's Restaurant

  • Breakfast: 6am to 10.30am
  • Lunch: noon to 2.30pm
  • Dinner: 6pm to 10.30pm


  • Breakfast: 6am to 11am
  • Dinner: 5.30pm to 10.30pm

The open kitchen is the showstopper of the restaurant, where you can enjoy some visual culinary entertainment as the chefs prepare your choice of pizza right before your eyes. Looking for authenticity? Enjoy the warm, homely scent of freshly baked dough from the blazing pizza oven. Although the pizzas are incredibly popular, there’s a variety of American grill and European dishes, as well as plenty of healthy options, all of which are exquisitely presented with the care and skill expected of this high class chain. The Hilton has worked alongside child nutrition expert, Annabel Karmel, to create cunningly healthy meals for hungry little tummies, such as her Spaghetti with Hidden Veg which includes five different vegetables that can’t be seen!

Dinner at Mason's Restaurant - This is an eatery to entice all of your senses. The busy hustle and bustle of the industrious kitchen is the source of those waves of savoury flavours that drift across the open-plan restaurant. Watch as the chefs arrange topping after topping on fresh, made-to-order pizzas, as you wait for your turn to crunch through the thin, crispy base of your own creation and enjoy its explosion of authentic Italian flavours.

But, this isn’t all that this restaurant has to offer. Try a taste of the Orient from the ‘Spicy’ menu, or pick something sizzling from the ‘Grill’. The Hilton’s ‘Home Comforts’ are simply scrumptious, traditional meals, like the familiar heart-warming steak and kidney pudding. Get all of these delicious dishes from as early as 10 in the morning to 11 at night. Indulge in a warm chocolatey pudding for dessert or refresh your palate with a citrusy lemon tart served with raspberry and mint salad.


  • Continental: 4.30am to 10am
  • English: 5.30am to 10am


  • Continental: 4.30am to 11ams
  • English: 5.30am to 11am

Breakfast at Mason's - Set your day off to a bright start in the airy, open spaciousness of Mason’s restaurant. The breakfast buffet is an abundant spread of Full English and Continental foodstuffs. Fancy soft cheese at 5am? At the Hilton you’ll find a variety of miniature cheeses, cured meats, fresh fruits and steaming coffees available from 4.30am. An hour later comes the Full English, and of course, toast and cereals are available from the start.

Room service - Why leave your bed for breakfast when you can have it brought to you? There’s 24-hour room service from a limited menu, and if you don’t mind making crumbs, just fill in the breakfast door hanger and leave it out before 2:00am.