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Travelling with your Dog in UK: Top Tips

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UK Dog Friendly Breaks with Hotel UK Dog Friendly Breaks with Hotel

Top tips for travelling with your dog: UK Guide

Planning your pawfect dog friendly trip? Then check out our top 10 tips for travelling with your furry friend!

1. Plan your trip around your pet

It really goes without saying but it's important to research the ideal dog friendly holiday, this includes whether the hotel you're staying at allows dogs and is suitable. It's a good idea to check if there are any restrictions, such as areas that are off-limits for pets.

2. Make sure your dog is in tip top condition before you travel with them

It can be a good idea to take your dog to the vet before travelling just to make sure they have a clean bill of health and are fully up-to-date with vaccinations and other treatments such as worming.

3. Keep them comfortable during the travel time

Whether that means the 'pawfect' fitting crate, or the correct size harness if you're travelling by car. It's good to get them used to it before travel, or they may try and wriggle out of it!

4. Make sure your dog is well hydrated along the journey

Always have a bottle of water and a bowl so they can have a drink at any time throughout the trip.

5. Get your dog used to travel

If you're planning on taking a long drive to your dog friendly destination, it's a great idea to take your pet on short drives first to get them used to it.

6. Never leave your dog alone in the car

This especially applies during the hot months because it can be very dangerous to leave your dogs inside the car.

7. If you're taking a road trip, be sure to make plenty of stops

If you are travelling on a long journey, it's a good idea to stop every few hours. Taking a little walk means you can stretch your legs and so can your dog!

8.Bring something along to keep your dog entertained

This could be a tasty treat, something to chew on, or perhaps their favourite toy. It's the perfect way of making sure your pet feels comforted and secure.

9. Make sure where you're staying is a home-from-home for your dog

It is a good idea to take as many of their familiar items along as possible such as your pet's own bed, blankets and toys because it can make a big difference to their experience. Once you've arrived, show them their new surroundings and let them explore so they start to feel at home as soon as possible. Dogs tend to be creatures of habit so stick to their routine of feed and walk times where possible.

10. Get the contact details of a local vet

Hopefully you won't need to contact a vet on holiday but if your pet does fall ill or get hurt while you are away it is good to be prepared. Research some vets that are close to where you're staying and keep their details handy throughout your stay. Going for a walk through beautiful countryside with your dog is one of the perks of travelling with them but make sure there are no dangers about such as cliff edges, streams or wild animals. It's important to keep your dog safe on your trip by being extra vigilant.

Dog-Friendly Holiday Extras Breaks

Your pampered pouch is part of the family and a Holiday Extras we know a short break wouldn't be the same without them, so we've partnered with hand-picked dog friendly accommodation in the idyllic Royal Borough of Windsor to help you book the pawfect holiday.

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  • Bring more than One Furry Friend - Bring another canine companion with you on your trip. Up to 2 dogs maximum.
  • Dog Beds & Bowls included - Your dog will be well catered for at these pooch friendly places.

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