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The 14 Best Ways to Make Friends on Holiday

The best ways to meet new travel buddies.

According to a recent study by Thomas Cruises and Yale University, meeting new friends from other cultures instantly boosts our emotional happiness by 10%. That means making friends while travelling will make your holiday even better. Need a travel buddy to lift your spirits? Read our top tips below on how to make friends on holiday!

1. Be positive

People will be much friendlier in return if you're giving off good vibes. It's also well known that a positive outlook can help to improve your mood, meaning you'll be sure to have an awesome holiday. Happy people have more fun!

2. Relax, take it easy;

It'll be harder to meet new people if you're a bag of nerves. Why not treat yourself an airport lounge before you fly? It's a great way to start a holiday, and a great way to meet new people. The free drinks, free snacks and a space to relax away from the crowds is a nice perk too.

3. Make small talk

Small talk is awkward, and everyone knows it. But we're all in the same boat; be the bolder person and start a conversation. When you've made new friends, you'll look back on it and laugh.

4. Exchange names, ASAP!

Don't make it awkward by waiting too late to ask. Top tip; repeat your new friend's name back to them as soon as you hear it. This trick will make their name more memorable, so you won't forget it 20 seconds after they tell you. We've all been there.

5. Ask for recommendations

Ask a local resident where they go for coffee, or maybe ask a fellow holidaymaker where their favourite beach is. People love a chance to tell their stories, and you can guarantee the next place you visit will be fantastic.

6. Talk about PETS!

This one's a no brainer. People LOVE talking about their pets, and the people you meet on holiday will be no different. The perfect way to start a conversation.

7. Get off the beaten track

Why not hire a car for the day? Pack a small bag and travel to the next town over. Make some conversations, sample some local delicacies. Even if you don't make any new friends, getting out the tourism centres is still a great way to improve any trip.

8. Be adventurous

Snorkelling, rock climbing, hiking, motorcycle riding; what better way to meet new people than over a shared adrenaline rush? These activities are often organised in groups, and a shared interest (or shared fear) is a great foundation for a new friendship.

9. Set the kids free

Let the kids join in with some clubs and activities and grab a few hours of peace and quiet. You get to relax by the pool, and it's a great way for them to build confidence and make new friends of their own.

10. Take a tour

Guided tours of nearby landmarks are often organised in groups, making them a great chance to meet new people. Make the most of your tour guide by asking for recommendations on other places to visit, great restaurants, or even a few useful phrases in the local language.

11. Try out the nightlife

Everyone's friendlier after a few sangrias. It might not be a convenient idea if you're travelling with the kids, but social spaces like bars and clubs are probably some of the easiest places to meet new people when travelling.

12. Play it cool

When it comes to making plans with your new friends, don't be needy. It's their holiday too. Stay chill, and make plans if you all have free time.

13. Don't be creepy

Don't start asking personal questions too soon. There's no reason you need to know the hotel they're staying at, their shoe size or their kids' names unless it's relevant. Also don't overshare. They don't need to know these things about you unless they ask.

14. Be Brave

The most important part of making new friends is to be confident. It's much harder to meet new people on holiday if you're keeping to your comfort zone. Relish doing new things and find the excitement in learning about other people. As the saying goes, do something now that your future self with thank you for.

What's wrong with one moment's awkwardness if you gain a lifelong friendship?

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