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For her

If you're heading out to a country with a warmer climate or even sticking around here in the UK, it's reasonable to expect milder temperatures by late April, so now is definitely the time to invest in your spring coat for the Easter holiday. A pair of slip-on shoes that are comfy, lightweight and easy to pack is a real bonus on any trip.

Don't forget a pair of good sunglasses and a light scarf for that notoriously unpredictable spring weather!

For him

It's time to get casual and start to let a bit of summer frivolity into your wardrobe, so ditch the suit and tie and opt for a casual shirt or light jumper. Layering is also key on a spring holiday, particularly if you're heading somewhere in Europe where the temperature can vary.

Whether you choose to 'rock' them ironically or wear them seriously, you can't beat a pair of Hawaiian shorts on your holidays, and this will probably be your first chance to pull on a pair this year! You're likely to be walking around more than usual on your trip, so if you haven't already got a sturdy backpack with plenty of compartments, now's the time to invest.

For the kids

Aside from the real essentials (chocolate eggs, favourite toys and games!), kids will need a range of clothing options they can wear morning to evening on Easter holiday at your chosen destination. So, a pair of rugged, sunny weather shoes that can be worn on walks or out playing will be perfect.

For the journey to and from your accommodation and for excursions once you've arrived, why not pick out a fun bag that your child will enjoy carrying? Finally, no trip would be complete without packing a pair of all-purpose jeans, and this is true for kids as it is adult travellers!

Now you're all set on packing for your Easter holiday!

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