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How to Sleep on a Plane

Get some shut-eye in the skies.

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Catching 40 winks on a flight can prove as allusive as the Loch Ness Monster or a ‘quiet one’ in Magaluf.

But fret not!

Read our top tips on how to become a seasoned ariel dozer…

Cut the Caffeine

how to sleep on a plane caffeine dog

We know, passing up the complimentary inflight brew is a cardinal sin, so reach for the Decaf if you’re looking to get some shut-eye.

When there’s a will, there’s a window seat

how to sleep on a plane window dog

A nice wall to prop your pillow on, an infinite number of sheep (*clouds) to count, and most importantly you’ll never have to wake up for the businessman who’s 4 Bloody Marys deep going to the toilet every 5 minutes.

The answer’s in the middle

how to sleep on a plane dog middle seat

There’s being gently rocked to sleep and then there’s turbulence. Pitch up in the middle rows for some smooth slumber.

Be a leftie

how to sleep on a plane left dog

Weird we know, but you’re more likely to nod off on the left-hand side of the plane. Science, magic or voodoo, as long as it works, don’t question it.

Hide in your headphones

how to sleep on a plane dog headphones

Because even if you can’t sleep, people will leave you alone and that’s the next best thing.

Become the night

how to sleep on a plane dog sleep mask

Too much light and sleep don’t make good bedfellows. Eye masks keep out the rays and make you look like Zorro… that’s pretty cool.

It’s perfectly acceptable to wear PJs on a plane

how to sleep on a plane dog pyjamas

A duvet probably won’t fit in your hand luggage. Solution? Onesies and slippers; the fluffier the better.

Go hard the night before

how to sleep on a plane party dog

Pound the energy drinks, stick on a movie marathon and watch the sun come up. By the time you fly, no snorer, turbulence or crying baby will keep you from Mr Sandman.

The kids still being shrill? Try some sleeping pills

how to sleep on a plane sleeping pills dog

Some nervous flyers take sleeping remedies and slumber their way through a flight. Herbal or otherwise, just make sure they're legal.

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