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14 Most Annoying Things People Do On Flights

14 Most Annoying Things People Do On Flights

Passengers from hell, we're on to you! We're all guilty of annoying habits, but it doesn't mean we inflict them on others in an enclosed space. As a passenger, you can prepare yourself for a long haul flight, you can learn how to sleep on a plane, you can even deal with that fear of flying - but you can't choose who sits next to you. Lovely Holiday Extras customers, we know you aren't ever guilty of the 10 most annoying things people do on flights.

1. Take off their socks

It's just not ok. Some airlines even give you special socks to stop you from feeling the air-conditioning between your toes and inflicting the sight of your pasty pinkies on others (and prevent DVT, but that's irrelevant). Pro tip: pinch the complimentary slippers from your airport hotel room for just such an occasion.

2. Invade your space

Plane seats aren't the biggest, so when someone reclines the back of their char into your face it's not ideal. It's also the worst when you have to hopscotch down the aisle because a number of passengers have decided to avail themselves of some extra leg room. It's not our fault you're 8 feet tall!

3. Talk too much

Whether it's to you, near you or at you, listening to people speak when all you want to do is plug in to a playlist or get started on your inflight Netflix binge can be incredibly distracting. A bit of smalltalk is ok but we don't need to know all the intimate details of your cruise itinerary. Sorry, Barbara.

4. Leave a mess in the loo.

Sometimes you just have to shut your eyes, hold your breath and hope you don't slip on any overspill.

5. Hog the lockers

It's like a stampede as soon as you board and if you're not quick enough you'll have to squeeze your bag into a locker on the other end of the cabin or worse, put it in the hold *shudder*.

6. Drink too much

Alcohol can just compound all the little annoying habits people have on a plane - although can also make them more bearable. Do drink responsibly though.

7. Sleep like an animal

It can be a challenge to remain upright when asleep, and to keep those troublesome nasal passages open. It's even more of a challenge to keep your cool when you're sitting next to that person and they start dribbling. On your shoulder.

8. Munch and crunch

Someone opens a rustley packet of crunchy snacks and it feels as if it lasts them the entire flight. Even worse when they eat with their mouth open and you can hear every. Single. Mouthful.

9. Bring children


10. Ignore the safety announcements

There's always that person who doesn't put on their seatbelt, doesn't put the blind up, doesn't put the tray table away, and doesn't put their phone on flight mode. If we crash it's your fault!

11. Listen to music loudly

If we can hear your music through your headphones and over the general din of the cabin, it's too loud. Tinnitus is incurable, you know.

12. Run out of food

You're seated, your carry on is in the overhead safely, you're officially on holiday. Then they run out of cheese and ham toasties. You just don't need this kind of stress.

13. Clap

The plane lands safely and everyone inexplicable bursts into a round of applause. Why? You don't applaud the bus driver when you arrive at your stop. Or when you've survived rush hour and managed to park the car

14. Touch down? Stand up!

Sit down! There's always that person who stands up as soon at the plane touches the tarmac. You won't get off any quicker!

Now you know these evil people exist and the annoying habits they have, get in touch to tell us where you're going and how you'd combat these menaces!

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