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Top 10 Weird Driving Rules Across the World

Our top 10 weird and wonderful driving rules to baffle even the most seasoned of drivers.

As if remembering to drive on the right wasn't hard enough, there are some bizarre driving rules from across the globe that will truly leave you scratching your head. So, without further ado, here are our Top 10 weirdest driving laws from around the world, in no particular order.

1. Denmark

Fuel - check. Oil - sorted. Child under car - clear. In Denmark it's a legal requirement that you must check under your car for children before pulling away. Of course, all the usual checks still apply.

2. Alabama

It's illegal to drive while blindfolded in Alabama. It's good to keep this fact in mind, just incase you forget.

3. Alaska

As much as he might fancy a panoramic view of the highway, it's illegal to tether yours, or in fact anyone else's dog to the roof of your car.

4. California

In California, it's illegal to sleep in the road. We don't think you'll need much reminding of this one - we prefer our naps 100% risk free.

5. Thailand

In Thailand, it's illegal to drive shirtless. Feel free to drive with no pants on, though.

6. Tennessee

It's illegal to shoot animals from your car in Tennessee. Unless that animal is a whale. Which would be pretty impressive, given that Tennessee is completely landlocked.

7. Scandinavia

In Scandinavia, it is a legal requirement that headlights are on at all times. This one's not as strange as it seems - it's due to the poor visibility and lack of daylight hours during the Winter months. This picture was actually taken at 11am.

8. South Africa

Animals have as much right of way as pedestrians in SA and there are big fines if you don't stop for a crossing animal. We certainly wouldn't argue.

9. Manila

In the Philippines, it's illegal to drive on Mondays if your number plate ends in a 1 or 2. If that means not getting to work on a Monday morning, we're all for it. We're sure there's a plate that we can use in here somewhere...

10. California

You can't let an unoccupied vehicle reach speeds of above 60mph in The Golden State. Obviously, anything under that is perfectly acceptable.

What's the weirdest driving law or quirk you've come across on holiday? Let us know!

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