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keep keys
per day
5-6 minutes
to the airport
customer rating

Park official, walk to check-in

The last thing you need to be worrying about when you're abroad is your car, so book confident with official on-airport parking at Luton's Terminal Car Park 2. Not only is this official Luton airport parking, it's also really secure and just 4 minutes walk from the Terminal, all adding up to a no-stress start to your holiday.

Our customers rated Terminal Car Park 2 on average 8/10 (106 reviews). Read Terminal Car Park 2 reviews.

Award-winning security, within easy reach of the terminal - keep your keys.


At this car park you get to park yourself and keep your keys which means it's completely contact-free - no buses, just walk to the terminal.

Need to know

Drive to the barrier and your number plate will be recognised. The entry barrier will lift automatically, so you can drive in and park in any space - you can even keep hold of your keys while you're away. From the car park it's a 5-6 minute walk to the terminal.

On your return walk back to the car park from the terminal. Collect your car and drive to the exit barrier which will lift automatically. If it doesn't rise press the intercom button for assistance and quote your reference number.


There are designated Blue Badge bays, which work on a first come, first served basis. You'll need to display your badge while you're away.

If you are taking your Blue Badge with you on holiday, you will need to inform the parking team at the car park so that they are aware.


The car park is secured by:

  • CCTV
  • Regular staff patrols
  • Entry and exit barriers
  • Park Mark awarded

The small print

Government regulations require passengers at the airport to wear a face mask. Remember to bring a face mask and have it on before you get there. You'll need one for each member of your party.

Early or late? If you park longer than booked you'll be charged the car park's standard rate of £58 per day. Please note this is subject to change and the car park isn't taking cash, so you'll need to pay by card.

Help us go green! There's no need to print out your booking confirmation, just show it on your mobile device.

Most standard cars (without trailers/not commercial vehicles) will be accepted at the car park as long as they fit under the 2.1m barrier and fit in a standard-size parking bay (2.4m x 4.8m).

Getting to and from Luton airport

Arriving at the car park

Drive to the barrier, which will recognise your number plate and lift automatically. You can park in any space and keep your keys while you're away.

Then walk to the terminal in 5-6 minutes.

Returning to the car park

After collecting your luggage, walk back to the car park to collect your car. The barrier will lift automatically when you approach it, but if there are any issues press the intercom button for assistance.

Luton On Airport Terminal Car Park 2 Address

 Luton Airport,

Longitude -0.37689
Latitude    51.8771

* Prices quoted are based on parking from the 31-05-2022 untill the 07-06-2022, valid as of 31-03-2022