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Terminal Car Park 1 Luton Airport

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The undercover Terminal Car Park 1 at Luton Airport is our top choice if you're looking for parking close to the terminal. Once you've parked up it's just a short stroll from the car park to the airport and getting your holiday underway! With this Luton airport parking you are in full control of your parking; you find the perfect space for your car and keep hold of your keys when you're done.

Reasons to book Luton Terminal Car Park 1

  • It is the closest car park to the terminal - only a couple of minutes walk to check-in.
  • Park the car yourself and keep hold of your keys.
  • Exit and entry barriers for peace of mind.
  • An official on-airport car park.

Arrival at Luton Terminal Car Park 1

Follow the signs for the Terminal Car Park 1 and on your arrival take a ticket from the entry barrier. Drive and park into the nearest available space and walk to check-in, which takes less than 5 minutes.

Getting to and from Luton airport

Arriving at the car park:

When you arrive at the car park, your car will be identified by the number plate recognition system so that you can enter through the barriers. You?ll be issued with a ticket from the machine. Keep it safe - you?ll need it to be able to get out of the car park.

Walk to the terminal building across the link bridge, it shouldn?t take any longer than 5 minutes to get there.

Returning to the car park:

After you land walk back to the car park across the bridge and pick up your car.

Insert your ticket and the barrier will lift to let you out.

On your return to Luton Terminal Car Park 1

Walk back to your car from the terminal and make your way to the exit barrier. Insert the ticket into the machine and the barrier will lift automatically. If there are any issues press the intercom button for assistance and have your booking reference to hand, so one of the team will be able to help you.

More information

Government regulations require passengers at the airport to wear a face mask. Remember to bring a face mask and have it on before you get there. You'll need one for each member of your party.

If you're using Sat Nav, use the postcode LU2 9QT.

The car park has a height restriction of 2.1m.

If you are delayed collecting your car you will be charged the car parks daily rate, which is £64 per day. The car park isn't taking cash so you'll need to pay by card.

If you have an electric car there are 5 Tesla charge points and 5 type 2 teathered points, which are free for customers to use. Vehicles cannot be charged whilst you are away.

Peak travel times for Luton airport are all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday and between 4am and 9am, 1pm and 3pm and 5pm and 7pm on other days.

Luton Terminal Car Park 1 Address

Luton Airport,


Longitude -0.37324
Latitude    51.87798

* Prices quoted are for stays on the 04-10-2020, valid as of 04-08-2020