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Krakow Solo Holiday Tips

Much like any other country in Central Europe, Poland typically experiences pretty warm summers and fairly cold winters – but what of Kraków, in particular..?

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Accurately predicting the weather is about as easy as counting the stars with an unaided eye. Nevertheless, we can, at the very least, give you some idea of what to expect during your Kraków stay.

The warmest time of year

If you want to experience the best temperatures when visiting this part of Poland, your best bet is to book a holiday in July or August. Admittedly, this is peak season for the travel industry, which means that flights and accommodation won't be the cheapest. However, with typical highs of 24°C, there's a reason why this is the case.

Warm enough

Still want to visit when temperatures are likely to be good but not when it's too crowded? If so, May and June and September are sensible choices. May and September see average peak temperatures of about 19°C, while June experiences typical highs of around 22°C. May and June are also good times to visit because the days are longer during these months.

Chances of rain

In terms of rainfall, it doesn't really matter what time of year you visit Kraków because it's pretty consistent, regardless of the month. The city normally experiences about eight days of rain for every 30, a figure that can be applied to pretty much any month of the year. That said, the months that offer the lowest risk of precipitation (e.g. one inch of rain or less) are likely to be February, October and December.


February in Kraków tends to be susceptible to deep snow, particularly in the middle of the month. If you're using the city as stepping point for a skiing holiday (in Zakopane, for example), mid-to-late November throws up a good chance of fresh snowfall.

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