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Is Heathrow in the ULEZ Zone?

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As we all know, ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) in London is expanding in 2023, which may mean your journey to Heathrow might cause the pennies to add up. We've put together the ultimate guide to answering your questions about ULEZ when it comes to your trip to Heathrow, including whether or not Heathrow is in the ULEZ zone, how much you might need to pay, and if there are any other ways you can get to Heathrow Airport without paying ULEZ charges - so you can travel confidently.

Is Heathrow in the ULEZ Zone? Heathrow ULEZ Charge Details How to Pay Heathrow Hotels & Parking

So... is Heathrow in the ULEZ Zone?

The short answer is yes - Heathrow Airport will be a part of the Ultra Low Emission Zone, so you will need to make some considerations for your journey. If your vehicle (including cars, motorbikes and vans) does not meet the emission standards that will allow you to be exempt from the charge, then entering the airport will incur a fee.

When does Heathrow ULEZ start?

The ULEZ expansion to Heathrow will begin on the 29th August 2023 - so by the time you read this, it is likely that the expansion has already begun, and you will need to include this fee into your travel plans.

What if I'm only dropping someone off at Heathrow?

That's very kind of you, but unfortunately, you will still incur a charge simply for dropping someone off or picking them up!

How will I know when I've entered the ULEZ zone?

There will be plenty of ULEZ signage as you enter or leave the ULEZ emissions zone, so keep an eye out for these during your journey to work out when you have entered the zone. For more information about where exactly the zone begins, and where it is expanding to, click the button below.

ULEZ Expansion Information

What Heathrow ULEZ charge might I incur on my journey?

The daily charge to enter the ULEZ zone is £12.50. You cannot be charged more than that per day, and it will remain £12.50 regardless of how many times you drive in and out of the zone. So, that means, if you are only picking up or dropping off, you will pay no more than £12.50. If you are flying from Heathrow, and therefore arriving at the airport and departing from the airport on different days, you will need to pay the fee for each day.

Keep in mind, however, that the charging day runs from midnight to midnight. So, that means if you are making a midnight run, and re-enter a ULEZ zone after midnight, you will be charged twice.

Heathrow ULEZ Charge Examples

Heathrow Airport Ulez Charge
Times Entered Heathrow ULEZ charge*
Once in One Day £12.50
Twice in One Day £12.50
Twice in Two Different Days £25.00

How to pay Heathrow ULEZ charge

You can set up an account, so that when you enter the ULEZ zone on the way to Heathrow, you are automatically charged and you don't have to give it a second thought. Alternatively, you can pay online by clicking the button below.

Pay Heathrow ULEZ Charge

It's very important you do pay any charges owed, as otherwise you may receive a Penalty Charge Notice.

When to pay Heathrow ULEZ charge

You can pay your ULEZ fee 90 days in advance, if you know you're travelling in and want to get it out of the way. Otherwise, you have up until midnight on the third day after your journey.

Is there any way to avoid paying the ULEZ fee?

As Heathrow Airport will be firmly situated within the ULEZ zone, there is no way to drive in and out of the airport with a non-compliant vehicle without incurring a charge. However, there are a couple of ways you can reach Heathrow without paying the charge.

Compliant Vehicle

If you have a newer vehicle, you may not need to pay the fee (lucky you!), so make sure you check before you set off for your journey so you aren't surprised!

How do I know if my vehicle is exempt from the fee?

To be exempt from the fee, your vehicle will need to be emissions compliant. To find out what this means and to help you work out whether you will be charged or not, click the button below to find out all you need to know about vehicle compliance.

ULEZ Vehicle Compliance


If you live nearby, you can hop into a local taxi. For those a little further afield, you can arrange a dedicated airport taxi service. This means you won't need to worry about ensuring you pay for the ULEZ fee and can get dropped straight at the terminal or your airport hotel. However, keep in mind, that some taxi firms may be looking to raise their rates in order to account for this extra charge.

Public Transport

Public transport such as a coach, or the underground, means you won't have to worry about the ULEZ charge at all. If you're happy to wrangle with your suitcases, Heathrow Airport has it's very own underground stop, which you can reach from any other tube stop in London. You can also catch the Heathrow Express from Paddington, which takes as little as 15 minutes.

Heathrow Airport Hotels & Parking

Wow, it's hard keeping up with all these extra charges and zone conditions! Who wants more hassle when planing their holiday?

So when you're done working out when and what you have to pay, why not take a little time to ensure your journey to Heathrow is as stress free as possible by choosing your Heathrow Airport hotel and parking. Once you've sorted your ULEZ fee, you can rock up to one of our nearby car parks, confident that your vehicle is in good hands, and then enjoy a good snooze in one of our nearby, handpicked hotels. In the morning of your flight, you can leave your worries and stresses about the ULEZ behind and simply stroll to the terminal when you're ready.

Sound good? Make your search today.

*All prices on this page are correct at time of writing and subject to change.