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How Much money Do You Need For A Day In Krakow?

The prospect of visiting a new destination can sometimes be a little daunting; there are always questions that need answering before certain decisions can be made. For instance, "When I arrive, will I have enough money to actually enjoy myself?"

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Relative costs

You'll be glad to know, if you didn't already, that money tends to go a lot further in Poland than it does in the UK. The Polish z?oty is relatively weak compared to the pound/Euro, which is good news for visitors.

Food and drink

A three-course meal for two in a decent restaurant in Kraków should cost you the equivalent of about £21.00, whereas the same is likely to be about £45.00 in, say, Birmingham. Whenever you fancy a regular-size cappuccino, it'll probably come with a £1.70 price tag, compared to £3.50 back home. A bottle of mid-range wine, meanwhile, will set you back about £4.20 – almost £3.00 cheaper than the equivalent in a UK supermarket.

Getting around

Taxi fares in Kraków tend to be at least half the price of the same in the UK, while fuel (if you intend to rent a car), is roughly 20% cheaper.

A one-way ticket (which can be used on both the city's bus and tram services) costs around 70p in Kraków; the equivalent in Birmingham would come to about £2.40


If you feel like catching a movie during your visit, you can expect to pay £5.20 for a ticket, which is almost half the price charged by the average UK cinema.

In virtually every respect, the cost of living in – and visiting – Poland is significantly cheaper than it is in the UK, which should come as a relief to your bank balance.

Please note that all quoted prices are for guidance purposes only.

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