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How early should I book Luton Airport Parking?

Want to kick off your trip without a hitch and keep a bit more spare cash in your pocket? Booking your Luton Airport Parking in advance is definitely the way to go. Not only do you secure a parking space, but you also bag the best possible deals.

There are several fantastic reasons to get your parking sorted early:

  1. Secure airport parking during peak travel times: Planning a holiday during busy times like the summer holidays? It's wise to book your parking early. This way, you avoid the risk of parking services being fully booking; as well as high last-minute prices.
  2. Avoid the last-minute booking: Last-minute searches can be stressful and costly. By booking early, especially for more affordable options like Park and Ride, you avoid the panic and the usual price hike.
  3. Enjoy flexible bookings: Go for parking providers like Holiday Extras that offer flexible booking options, including Free Cancellation, for peace of mind if your plans change. Booking in advance gives you the freedom to admend your booking, even when you've booked in advance.
  4. Compare and choose: Luton Airport offers various parking options including long-stay, short-stay, Park and Ride, and Meet and Greet. Booking early gives you the time to weigh your options, ensuring you find the best deal to fit your budget and requirements. Planning ahead gives you chance to shop around for the perfect deal.

While booking a month in advance usually works out well, consider securing your parking up to three months ahead for peak travel periods. This way, you save money and can enjoy a hassle-free start to your trip.