Inverness Airport Departures

Twenty minutes’ drive from the lovely city of Inverness, Inverness airport bills itself as the gateway to the Highlands. And you can find out everything you need to know before you fly on this page. (...)

You can check the status of your flight in our table below, which has live status updates for all flights leaving Inverness airport today – or just enter a flight number and date into the fields on the right. We also have information about your airline and the plane you’ll be flying in, a map to show you how far along its flight path the plane is, the weather forecast at your destination and a list of great places to visit.

February 2024
February 2024
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27 flights departing Inverness Airport on 25/02/24.

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Flight Departure
KQ930 25/02/24 13:25
AA6741 25/02/24 11:55
KL930 25/02/24 13:25
KL3174 25/02/24 15:10
QR6018 25/02/24 11:55
JL7770 25/02/24 11:55
AF3192 25/02/24 13:25
SI7182 25/02/24 17:40
SI7197 25/02/24 17:45
BA7865 25/02/24 09:30
BA4039 25/02/24 13:05
BA1469 25/02/24 11:55
BA4039 25/02/24 13:05
BA4057 25/02/24 17:45
BA4115 25/02/24 15:10
DL9450 25/02/24 13:25
LM161 25/02/24 09:30
LM131 25/02/24 13:05
LM131 25/02/24 13:05
LM597 25/02/24 17:45
LM155 25/02/24 15:10
VS7070 25/02/24 13:25
IB7727 25/02/24 11:55
U2626 25/02/24 20:40
U2246 25/02/24 16:00
U2846 25/02/24 06:35
U2848 25/02/24 16:00
Baggage Allowance


Your airline will be able to tell you what time you should check in, but as a general rule, Inverness airport recommends arriving two hours before a European flight and an hour before a domestic flight.

Some airlines allow you to check in online, which means you just need to drop your hold baggage off at the bag drop desk when you get to the airport before heading straight to security. Contact your airline to find out more.

Baggage allowance

Luggage allowances vary between airlines, so it’s important you check how many bags you’re allowed, and what size they need to be. The maximum size for any piece of hand luggage is 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, but make sure your airline doesn’t have more stringent restrictions.

With all airlines the rule concerning liquids, pastes and gels in your hand luggage is the same: they must be in containers of 100ml or less, otherwise they need to go in your hold luggage. Liquids need to go through security separately from your hand luggage, in a clear, resealable 20cm x 20cm plastic bag. The exceptions are baby milk, baby food and liquid medicine you need for the trip, which aren’t limited to 100ml - you will probably need a letter from your doctor to say you need the medicine.

If you’re travelling with a large musical instrument, you should contact your airline beforehand – it’s possible they may ask you to book an extra seat. For more details, visit our Inverness airport baggage and security page.

Book Inverness airport parking

If you’ve not already booked your holiday parking with us, we suggest you take a trip over to our Inverness airport parking page to see what great deals we can offer you. You can choose either the Long-Stay or the Short-Stay car park – both are within walking distance of the terminal, but the Short-Stay is right outside it (and therefore the Long-Stay is usually slightly cheaper). The earlier you book, of course, the better prices are likely to be.

Dropping off passengers

You can drop passengers off in the Short-Stay car park, where you can park for 20 minutes for free. After that parking costs £3 for up to an hour. (Prices correct on August 25, 2013.)

Buy before you fly

Booking in advance can save you pounds