Aberdeen Airport Departures

Just outside the beautiful granite city, Aberdeen airport has the distinction of being the world's busiest commercial heliport. And if you're flying from Aberdeen airport, we've got some useful information for you on this page.

First off, you can check the status of your flight - our table below has live status updates for all flights leaving Aberdeen airport today. Or you can enter a flight number and date into the fields on the right. We can even show you where on its flight path the plane is. There's also information about the aircraft you'll be flying in and your airline; the weather where you're going; and places we think you might like to visit while you're there.

Guide to Departures at Aberdeen Airport

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Aberdeen airport departures FAQs All your ABZ departure questions answered
Overview of departures from Aberdeen Airport Details on baggage allowance, drop off parking and more
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🛬 Aberdeen airport arrivals Everything you need to know about Arrivals at Aberdeen

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Aberdeen Airport Live Departures

March 2024
March 2024
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130 flights departing Aberdeen Airport on 01/03/24.

Filter your results:
Flight Departure
AA6882 29/02/24 10:35
JL6504 29/02/24 06:00
JL6518 29/02/24 13:30
JL7756 29/02/24 10:35
AF8352 29/02/24 12:45
AF8366 29/02/24 17:20
AF8376 29/02/24 10:55
AF4523 29/02/24 08:35
WF393 29/02/24 08:35
WF399 29/02/24 18:50
WF369 29/02/24 14:50
MH9681 29/02/24 06:00
MH9685 29/02/24 16:50
DL9405 29/02/24 09:05
AA6690 29/02/24 08:55
AA7202 29/02/24 13:30
AA7239 29/02/24 06:00
LA5499 29/02/24 16:50
DL9215 29/02/24 12:45
DL9444 29/02/24 10:55
DL9303 29/02/24 06:00
LA5497 29/02/24 19:05
AY2651 29/02/24 08:35
KL1440 29/02/24 06:00
KL1442 29/02/24 09:05
KL3823 29/02/24 14:05
LM67 29/02/24 18:05
LM51 29/02/24 10:20
LM36 29/02/24 17:20
LM70 29/02/24 06:35
LM21 29/02/24 06:40
LM16 29/02/24 16:00
LM25 29/02/24 14:20
LM27 29/02/24 18:10
LM8 29/02/24 19:45
LM12 29/02/24 06:45
QR6010 29/02/24 10:35
QR6013 29/02/24 16:50
BA4036 29/02/24 17:20
BA4070 29/02/24 06:35
BA4025 29/02/24 10:30
BA7831 29/02/24 07:00
BA7835 29/02/24 14:25
BA7837 29/02/24 18:05
BA7819 29/02/24 17:55
BA7871 29/02/24 10:20
BA8983 29/02/24 15:10
BA4070 29/02/24 06:35
BA1301 29/02/24 06:00
BA1305 29/02/24 08:55
BA1307 29/02/24 10:35
BA1311 29/02/24 13:30
BA1315 29/02/24 19:05
BA1317 29/02/24 20:10
BA4036 29/02/24 17:20
BA7821 29/02/24 06:40
BA7827 29/02/24 18:10
BA7812 29/02/24 06:45
BA4036 29/02/24 17:20
BA1313 29/02/24 16:50
BA4070 29/02/24 06:35
BA4078 29/02/24 14:05
BA7816 29/02/24 16:00
QR6007 29/02/24 06:00
QR6012 29/02/24 13:30
LM36 29/02/24 17:20
LM70 29/02/24 06:35
LM85 29/02/24 10:30
LM61 29/02/24 07:00
LM65 29/02/24 14:25
LM45 29/02/24 17:55
KL1444 29/02/24 10:55
KL3829 29/02/24 17:20
LM568 29/02/24 15:00
KL1446 29/02/24 12:45
KL1448 29/02/24 17:20
QR6009 29/02/24 08:55
QR6015 29/02/24 20:10
LM36 29/02/24 17:20
LM70 29/02/24 06:35
LM78 29/02/24 14:05
BA7825 29/02/24 14:20
BA7848 29/02/24 19:45
AZ3782 29/02/24 12:45
EY5803 29/02/24 09:05
EY7362 29/02/24 06:00
AZ3795 29/02/24 10:55
EY5800 29/02/24 17:20
EY5804 29/02/24 12:45
EY7304 29/02/24 10:55
AZ3793 29/02/24 06:00
MF9338 29/02/24 10:55
U2856 29/02/24 06:15
U2616 29/02/24 08:45
U2858 29/02/24 15:00
IB7523 29/02/24 06:00
IB7525 29/02/24 08:55
T3715 29/02/24 16:55
IB7531 29/02/24 16:50
IB7526 29/02/24 10:35
T3561 29/02/24 09:40
T3567 29/02/24 17:15
IB7533 29/02/24 19:05
VS6947 29/02/24 06:00
VS6948 29/02/24 09:05
VS6949 29/02/24 10:55
VS6950 29/02/24 17:20
VS7080 29/02/24 12:45
MU1586 29/02/24 12:45
MU1652 29/02/24 17:20
KQ1442 29/02/24 09:05
KQ1446 29/02/24 12:45
MU1650 29/02/24 06:00
MU1937 29/02/24 10:55
KQ1440 29/02/24 06:00
KQ1444 29/02/24 10:55
KQ4073 29/02/24 10:35
G35529 29/02/24 06:00
QF3522 29/02/24 08:55
QF3566 29/02/24 16:50
QF3567 29/02/24 19:05
SK4612 29/02/24 10:00
SK4616 29/02/24 17:50
SI7061 29/02/24 07:00
SI7045 29/02/24 17:55
EI3243 29/02/24 15:10
SI7065 29/02/24 14:25
SI7067 29/02/24 18:05
SI7016 29/02/24 16:00
SI7012 29/02/24 06:45

Aberdeen Airport Departures - FAQs

How early should I get to Aberdeen airport?

Aberdeen airport recommends you arrive 2-3 hours before your flight departure time.

What flights have departed from Aberdeen airport today?

Take a look at our handy table above for all the Aberdeen Airport Departures today.

How many terminals are there at Aberdeen Airport?

Aberdeen airport is a single terminal airport.

How much is it to get out of Aberdeen Airport?

Aberdeen Airport Drop Off / Pick Up Charges
Car Park Distance to terminal Duration Price*
Aberdeen Long Stay 5-minute shuttle bus Up to 30 mins FREE
Aberdeen Short Stay 1-3 minute walk 20 minutes
1 hour
Express Drop Off 1 minute walk 10 minutes
30 minutes
1 hour


What UK airports fly direct to Aberdeen?

You can get a direct flight to Aberdeen from airports all over the UK including, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, and Belfast.

Is Aberdeen a big airport?

Aberdeen Scotland's third largest airport. In 2019, Aberdeen airport served 2.9 million passengers.

Can you get a PCR test at Aberdeen Airport?

Aberdeen airport has partnered up with TAC Healthcare Group Ltd (TAC) to offer onsite PCR testing for passengers.

How much is a taxi from Aberdeen Airport to the city Centre?

A taxi from Aberdeen airport to the city centre will cost around £25 and take between 20-30 minutes.

Can I pick someone up from Aberdeen Airport?

There are 2 parking options to choose from if you're picking up someone from Aberdeen airport: the Short Stay and Long Stay car parks. The Short Stay car park is located a 2 minute walk from the terminal and costs £4 for 20 minutes. The Long Stay car park is located a 5 minute bus ride away and is FREE for 30 minutes.

Can I fly from Aberdeen to London without a passport?

Passports are not necessarily required for travel within the UK, however, the rules can vary for each airline so it's important to check this in advance, as there may still be specific ID requirements.

How long is the flight from London to Aberdeen?

The average flight time from London to Aberdeen is 1 hour 35 minutes.

Can you fly from Aberdeen to London City?

Yes, there are direct flights from Aberdeen to London City airport.

What restaurants are at Aberdeen Airport?

There's a great selection of restaurants in the Departures lounge at Aberdeen airport, including Bocco, Costa, The Distilling House, and The Granite City.

Who flies into Aberdeen airport?

Airlines that fly into Aberdeen include: BA CityFlyer, BMI Regional, British Airways, Eastern Airways, easyJet, Flybe and Loganair.


Aberdeen Airport Departures Overview


Check-in is on the left as you come in through the main terminal entrance. Your airline will tell you how early you need to be there; the airport's general advice is two hours before international flights and 90 minutes before flights within the UK and Ireland.

Some airlines allow you to check in online (in some cases only if you have no hold luggage). This means you can go straight to security once you get to the airport after dropping any hold luggage off at the bag drop. Airlines that allow online check-in at Aberdeen include Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, easyJet, Flybe, bmi regional, Air France, Aer Lingus, Lufthansa, KLM, SAS and Wideroe. There are also self-check-in kiosks that you can use if you're flying with British Airways, Flybe, bmi regional, Air France, KLM and SAS.

Baggage allowance

Your airline will be able to tell you your hand and hold luggage allowance. Some airlines do now allow more than one piece of hand baggage.

Liquids, pastes and gels can only be carried in your hand luggage if they are in containers of 100ml or less; otherwise you must pack them in your hold luggage. Liquids in your hand luggage must be taken out and carried through security in a clear, resealable 20cm x 20cm plastic bag. Baby food, baby milk and medicine you will need during the flight are exempt from the 100ml rule, but you will need to get approval from your airline and the airport for the medicine beforehand, so bring your prescription or a letter from your doctor. It's also worth knowing that you can buy formula milk from Boots in the departure lounge after security.

To find out more, visit our Aberdeen airport baggage and security page.

Book Aberdeen airport parking and hotels

Pre-book your Aberdeen airport parking in advance and save up to 70% off the turn-up prices. We offer a range of trusted Park and Rides, such as Airparks Express, with prices starting from just £43.19 for 7 days. We also have excellent Aberdeen airport hotels, including packages with parking. Waking up and catching a quick transfer, or sometimes walking, straight to the terminal is a great way to start your trip stress-free. Room only prices start from just £35 and hotels with parking included start from £48.

Aberdeen Airport Drop Off

Aberdeen airport has a few drop off options to consider: the Express Drop Off, Short Stay car park and Long Stay car park. Take a look at the drop off charges below:

Aberdeen Airport Drop Off Options & Charges
Car Park Distance to terminal Duration Price*
Aberdeen Long Stay 5-minute shuttle bus Up to 30 mins FREE
Aberdeen Short Stay 1-3 minute walk 20 minutes
1 hour
Express Drop Off 1 minute walk 10 minutes
30 minutes
1 hour


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