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Changing your parking duration

You'll need to visit your Trips and bookings page. There you'll see your bookings listed in 6 blue capital letters with a date attached.

Tap on the booking you want to change and choose your option from the list that appears.

Free cancellation bookings
Saver bookings
What to do if you're already abroad

Free cancellation bookings

You can change your dates and times up to midnight on the day before your booking is due to start. Simply tap 'Change dates and times' in the list and follow the steps, entering your new dates and times.

While making changes to your booking is free, you may need to pay extra if there's a difference in price.

Saver bookings

Unfortunately dates and times on Saver bookings can't be changed, but you can cancel and book again.

Cancellations must be made before midnight on the day before your booking is due to start.

Tap 'Cancel' in the list and follow the steps to continue to cancel your booking. You'll receive a voucher which can be used to book the same product for your new dates and times.

What to do if you're already abroad

If the unforeseen happens what's the position regarding changing your parking duration? Unfortunately, once started, car park bookings can't be extended.

However, your car will still be safely parked for as long as you need, but the extra time will be chargeable.

So if you've booked where someone does your actual parking (e.g. Meet & Greet), it's best to check the contact details on your booking confirmation and call them beforehand, warning them when to expect you.

Otherwise, collect your car as normal and pay for any additional time when you leave the car park. They usually charge their standard rate (there's more information on rates on your booking confirmation.

By the way, if any additional parking time is caused by flight delays, keep all your overstay charge receipts for reclaiming from your travel insurance.