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I've been charged twice

Check whether you have more than one booking

If you haven't done so already, log in to your account.

Once you're logged in you'll see a list of your existing bookings – check whether you have more than one booking for the same dates and times.

If you do, tap on the booking you don't need and choose 'Cancel' from the list of options – you'll be asked to confirm you want to cancel and to give a reason.

Confirm cancellation of your booking Provide a reason for cancellation

What happens then?

Free Cancellation booking within 7 days of booking – you'll be given a voucher which you can then cancel for a full refund – make sure you cancel the voucher within 14 days.

Free Cancellation booking outside of the 7 days – you'll get the full amount back as a voucher which can also be cancelled for a cash refund within 14 days. £10 from the voucher will be saved to your account – let us know and we'll refund it for you.

Saver bookings – you can cancel this yourself online but you can't get a refund. Once you've cancelled the duplicates yourself, get in touch so we can arrange your refund.

Can't cancel or amend bookings – these can't be refunded online so let us know and we'll arrange your refund.

What if there isn't more than one booking?

Get in touch with us and we'll investigate the duplicate payment.