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Amsterdam Travel Guide

Hello and welcome to our Amsterdam travel guide – the best place to find out everything you need to know before you go.

What you'll find in this guide:

Practical Information

Getting to Amsterdam

Getting around Amsterdam

Top things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam weather

Where to eat in Amsterdam

Amsterdam FAQs

Practical Info

Current testing requirements for the Netherlands

  • Vaccinated adults admitted with proof of vaccination and negative PCR or antigen test
  • Unvaccinated adults only admitted under special circumstances
  • 12-17-year-olds admitted with negative PCR or antigen test
What time is it in Amsterdam?

GMT +1

What currency do they use in Amsterdam?

Euro EUR

What language do they speak in Amsterdam?


What power adapter do you need for Amsterdam?

Type C

How long is the flight to Amsterdam?

Avg 1 hr 20 minutes

Where is Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands, located in the North Holland province, which is found in the North West of Europe.

Why visit Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is one of the most popular destinations in Europe as millions of people are drawn to the laid-back culture, hundreds of museums, galleries and the famous coffee shops and Red Light District.

But before you head off on your Amsterdam city break, here's the lowdown on all the city's hidden gems, like where to get the best food and proper bicycle etiquette.


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Getting to Amsterdam

Flights to Amsterdam

You can catch a direct flight to Amsterdam Schiphol airport from all over the UK, with flight times taking around 1 hour 20 mins. If you decide to fly, be sure to check out an airport lounge – a great place to indulge in some peace and quiet before you fly.

Eurostar to Amsterdam

Getting to Amsterdam from London by train is a breeze. You can hop on the Eurostar from London St Pancras International and be in the city in about 4 hours.

How to get to Amsterdam from Schiphol Airport

There's plenty of options for getting to Amsterdam from Schiphol Airport to suit all budgets and transport needs.

How to get to Amsterdam from Schiphol Airport by train

From Schiphol, we recommend getting the NS train from just outside the arrivals lounge. Single tickets cost €4.20, taking roughly 18 minutes to reach Amsterdam Centraal. From there, you're right in the middle of the city, near most of the major hotels and the city's attractions.

How to get to Amsterdam from Schiphol Airport by bus

To get to Amsterdam from Schiphol Airport by bus, take the Amsterdam Airport Express on Line 197 from just outside the airport to the city centre. The bus departs every 15 minutes and costs €9 for a return, but in our experience it can get very busy, which isn't ideal if you're lugging around a heavy suitcase.

How to get to Amsterdam from Schiphol Airport by taxi

If you're looking to get a taxi from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam it's worth remembering that they can be very expensive and can cost up to €50 for a single journey. Make sure to only use official taxis as anyone offering taxis inside the airport could be trying to scam you. Alternatively why not get about in style and book a hire car to explore the city's surrounding area.

What are the best ways to travel around Amsterdam?

Now it's time to start exploring all the amazing things to do in Amsterdam (and avoid taking an unexpected dip in a canal). Here's some of our picks for the best ways to get about the city.

Amsterdam on foot

Like most city destinations, one of the best ways to truly experience Amsterdam is on foot. Almost everything is within comfortable walking distance, and we stumbled upon some of our favourite parts of the city by just getting lost while having a wander, so taking it slow is definitely worth it. For example, by walking away from Amsterdam's high street, we found The 9 Streets (De 9 Straatjes) district, which houses some of the best independent, boutique shopping opportunities in the city.

Amsterdam by bike

If you're feeling brave, the most authentically Dutch way to get around Amsterdam is to hire a bike. It'll cost you about €15 a day, and it's worth remembering that helmets aren't often worn by locals – so make sure to request one before renting the bike. Also bear in mind that the Dutch ride hard and fast, so our best advice is to treat riding a bike in Amsterdam like driving a car; stick to the designated cycle lanes, signal at junctions and remember that the Dutch drive on the right.

Amsterdam by public transport

If you're in a hurry, there's plenty of options for getting around the city quickly. You can get about via the metro or tram, but we'd recommend the latter as it stops more frequently, and you get to see the sights as you go.

How to use the tram in Amsterdam

There are two main tram stops at Amsterdam Centraal station, in the east and in the west. Most locals use the OV-Chipkaart (look out for the logo), which works just like an Oyster card in London. Load it up with credit, and don't forget to tap in and tap out every time.

However, for tourists, we recommend getting an iAmsterdam card. It gives you unlimited use of all public transport for as long as you need, as well as entry into many of the city's hundreds of museums and attractions. You can order the card online before you travel or pick one up once you arrive.

Amsterdam Airport Transfers

Amsterdam Airport Transfers

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Amsterdam Car Hire

Amsterdam Car Hire

Pre-book your Amsterdam car hire, with prices starting from just £18.21 per day with FREE cancellations*


Amsterdam Weather

The Netherlands has weather similar to that of the United Kingdom. Generally speaking you can expect mild summers with occasional cooler periods and fairly cold winters with rain, wind and some snow.

Amsterdam weather in December, January, February (Winter). These are the coldest months in Amsterdam with temperatures on average sitting around 0 °C and reaching highs of 6-7°C. Rainy and windy conditions aren't uncommon and snow is quite frequent. During the prolonged cold periods, the city's canals can freeze over. Be sure to pack lots of warm layers.

Amsterdam weather in March, April, May (Spring). Early spring months remain cold, with snow still possible in March and sometimes even in April. Come May, temperatures are gradually getting warmer with highs of 17°C. April and May are the driest months in Amsterdam too, making this off-peak season a brilliant time of year to visit the city.

Amsterdam weather in June, July, August (Summer). Amsterdam enjoys warm weather and plenty of sunshine throughout summer, however, similar to the UK, cooler periods with rainfall are quite frequent. July is the warmest month of the year with average temperatures ranging from 20-25°C, making it a popular time to travel.

Amsterdam weather in September, October, November (Autumn). For most of September the weather remains quite pleasant with temperatures ranging from 11-19°C. October and November bring colder and wetter weather with temperatures dropping to around 9-4°C.

Where to eat in Amsterdam

There's no shortage of places to eat and drink in Amsterdam, and here's our top picks for Dutch dining:

Amsterdam Oost

Amsterdam Oost, or East, is a bit of a hidden gem, as you'll find it's less touristy than some other parts of the city. The district houses the Dappermarkt, where you can find some of the best street food in the city, much of which has an Asian or African twist, due to many immigrants choosing to settle in this part of the city. For some exotic eating, there's nowhere better in the city.

While you're sampling the culinary delights of Amsterdam Oost, why not wet your whistle at the local brewery (Brewerij het IJ), which runs regular tours.

De Pijp

Located near the southern end of the city, De Pijp has the widest variety of restaurants and bars in Amsterdam. One of our favourite places to visit is the Albert Cuypmarkt for some stroopwafels, a traditional Dutch dessert of waffles and caramel syrup. You'll also find the Marie Heinekenplein is here, home to lots of bars and the Heineken brewery.


Top things to do in Amsterdam

Let's take a look at all the awesome things to do in Amsterdam. There's too many to list them all here, but here are some of our favourite things to see and do in this incredible city.

Top things to do in Amsterdam | Rijksmuseum


If you're looking to add a dash of culture to your Amsterdam holiday, then we recommend heading to the world renowned Rijksmuseum. You'll find a huge assortment of displays and exhibitions, but the museum is most famous for its collection of Rembrandt paintings, including his most iconic masterpiece, The Night Watch.

The Rijksmuseum is one of the most popular attractions in Amsterdam and queues can get really long. To beat the lines, you can book an e-ticket before you arrive.

Top things to do in Amsterdam | Canal Tour

Amsterdam Canal Tour

A trip to the city isn't complete without experiencing the iconic Amsterdam canals. We booked with Gray Line, which you can board from Damrak (near Amsterdam Centraal), however there are plenty of providers offering tours around the station, catering for all budgets and desired routes. Our tour lasted an hour and took us all around the city, with earphones for the audio commentary included.

Our top tip would be to get a seat near a window as it can get pretty hot inside the boats, particularly in summer.

Top things to do in Amsterdam | Anne Frank Huis

Anne Frank Huis

Anne Frank Huis is on Prinsengracht, in central Amsterdam, and is where the teenager wrote her famous diary while hiding from the Nazis during World War Two. Many of the exhibits here are particularly emotional and poignant, but it's an important site of remembrance and well worth a visit.

It's also worth noting that from 9.30am to 3.30pm, entry is only available to those who have booked an online time slot. After this it's a queueing system, with people often queuing for hours before doors open. Our tip would be to book online as early as possible.

Top things to do in Amsterdam | Keukenhof Park

Keukenhof Park

If you time your Dutch holiday just right, the Amsterdam tulips in Keukenhof are not to be missed.

Only open for 8 weeks a year, the tulip fields bloom between late March and early May and they're worth a visit just for the photo opportunities. It's also a great place to take smaller children if you're planning a family trip to the Netherlands, with plenty of parks and playgrounds to tire out even the most active kids.

Top things to do in Amsterdam | Jenever tasting

Jenever tasting

For something altogether more adult, why not spend an evening trying some jenever – the Netherlands' signature take on gin.

Tucked away down Pijlsteeg, just off Dam Square, is Wynand Fockink, a traditional jenever tasting tavern. You can try from more than 70 different varieties and you're encouraged to try the traditional way, hands-free, from a tulip-shaped glass. Trust us, there's an art to it, we just haven't figured it out yet.

Top things to do in Amsterdam | The Red Light District

The Red Light District Amsterdam

Finally, what visit to Amsterdam would be complete without a visit to the red right district – known locally as De Wallen. It's home to coffee shops, peep shows, sex shops and just about anything in between.

Millions of tourists flock here every year and, even if you're not into what the De Wallen has to offer, we still recommend doing what we did and booking yourself onto a walking tour. We booked with, who were friendly and informative, talking us through some of the district's highlights.


Amsterdam FAQs

How many days in Amsterdam is enough?
We'd recommend 3-4 days in Amsterdam to experience the main sights at a relaxed pace.

What is the best month to go to Amsterdam?
The best months to visit Amsterdam are between April and May. You'll be able to enjoy relatively mild weather, lower chances of showers, along with cheaper rates and fewer tourists to contend with. Spring is also tulip season! Tulips begin to bloom from the end of March until mid May, but the best time to see them in all their colourful glory is in April. The best time to visit if you're looking to save money is winter, particularly November and February.

Is Amsterdam a safe place to visit?
Yes Amsterdam is a safe place to visit. While it may be famous for its Red Light District and coffee shops, it's one of the safest cities in Europe. Tourists are unlikely to experience any crime or violence, however, like when you visit any other city, it's important to be aware of petty crimes like pickpocketing and bag snatching.

Is the Red Light District in Amsterdam safe?
While the Red Light District might have a bit of reputation for being a dodgy area, it's actually quite a safe and well controlled part of the city, especially in the daytime.

What is there to do in Amsterdam at Christmas?
December is full of Christmas celebrations in Amsterdam, from Christmas markets to skiing outside the Rijksmuseum, Winter Wonderland at RAI Amsterdam center to the Festival of Light along the streets and canals.