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Top ten tips for a perfect Benidorm family holiday

Make sure the whole family has a great time in Benidorm

The perfect family holiday in Benidorm

With its gorgeous beaches, warm blue waters, aqua parks, play areas, kid-friendly bars and restaurants, among many other things, Benidorm is a great place for the whole family to visit. And there's always a strong likelihood that skies will be clear and sunshine will be bright, even during the winter months.

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1. How accommodating

While the majority of Benidorm's hotels are very family-friendly, it's always best to make certain ahead of time. A self-catering apartment is well worth considering, particularly if your kids are fussy eaters; it can help to foster a more typical family atmosphere, too.

2. Food for thought

Make sure you're within easy reach of the nearest supermarket so that you can easily stock up on food and other essentials.

3. Plan ahead

A beach-based holiday might be enough to satisfy your entire family but it's always better to factor in certain activities and places of interest to keep things fresh – and young minds stimulated.

4. Take the heat off

Benidorm is typically very warm. Even in December and January, temperatures can rise to around 17°C. Therefore, it's important to ensure that your kids, in particular, aren't exposed to direct sunshine for extended periods of time. Pack light, loose-fitting clothes, sun hats, sunglasses, etc. and make sure that you have the requisite sunscreen protection.

5. Stay hydrated

Even if you don't feel thirsty, it's important to make sure the whole family drinks plenty of water, especially when on a Costa Blanca vacation. Fizzy, even caffeinated, drinks are fine in moderation but water will always satisfy a thirst more effectively, and help to prevent headaches.

6. Get the most from your hotel

A lot of hotels provide all-inclusive packages that cater specifically for families, providing kids activities and the like – does yours?

7. Be informed

A visit to the local tourist information centre will allow you to find out about upcoming events – and perhaps grab some money-off vouchers for local attractions.

8. Don't be inconvenienced

Public toilets are a bit thin on the ground in this part of the world but fear not because cafés and bars here are usually more than happy to let you use their facilities. Be sure to ask first, just to be polite.

9. Eating out

You'll know better than anyone how much your kids can eat. It won't always be necessary to take advantage of the children's menu – a paella or pasta dish for two or three adults will often include enough to satisfy younger tummies.

10. Research pays off

You'll get more from your family holiday if you investigate Benidorm's family-friendly attributes first.

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All information correct at time of writing.