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Tips on travelling alone in Benidorm

Get some tips for your solo trip to Benidorm

Travelling alone in Benidorm

More people than ever are enjoying solo holidays. After all, while a vacation with friends or family can be great fun it doesn't usually offer the freedom to do exactly what you want. With our Benidorm airport transfers, we'll make sure that you arrive at your place of stay from the airport, safely and reliably with the minimum of fuss.

As long as you use common sense, your Benidorm holiday will almost certainly be one to remember – and for all the right reasons.

Secure your possessions

If you have any valuables with you (money and credit cards for instance, and a swish smartphone, perhaps), make sure you keep them safely about your person. A wallet or a purse in the back pocket is likely to provide too much temptation for an opportunistic thief, for instance. If you don't need your valuables with you all the time, make sure your hotel, dorm or apartment comes with a locker or safe.

Stay safe

Benidorm is a thriving city, full of friendly locals and fun-seeking holidaymakers, which means that it's unlikely you'll find yourself all alone. Nevertheless, don't put yourself in a situation in which a petty criminal can take advantage – a dark alleyway, very late at night, for example.

Enjoy you own company – or find new friends

Irrespective of your disposition, Benidorm offers much that will keep you entertained. The city's many cafés, bars and restaurants, for instance, are excellent places to pitch up with a book or indulge in a spot of people watching. If you're happy to make new acquaintances, you shouldn't encounter any problems. As mentioned, the people here tend to be very congenial and it's usually pretty easy to strike up a conversation. If your Spanish is good, then even better. Even if it isn't, try and learn a bit of the lingo – it's amazing how much more the locals will warm to you if you make the effort. And they won't mind a bit if you're not word perfect.

Navigating the city

Benidorm is very easy to explore on foot, with its main beaches, green spaces, city centre and Old Town all within walking distance. If you want to explore a bit further afield – or get around Benidorm more quickly – hiring a bike for the day (or several) is a good idea. Alternatively, take advantage of the city's solid infrastructure, which includes frequent bus services.

Before you travel, pre-book your transport from the airport to your accommodation, with our low-cost airport transfers. Our shared shuttles are a great-priced and convenient option and we also have a host of other private transfer options. Your driver will meet you at the airport and get you to your destination reliably and safely.

All information correct at time of writing.