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Local food to eat in Benidorm

Get tips on finding excellent local cuisine

Local Benidorm food

While Benidorm does have its fair share of British pubs and Anglo-centric bars and restaurants, you'll have the chance to savour plenty of home-cooked delights during your visit. Before we tease your taste buds, be sure to take a look at our airport transfers, which will ensure that you are escorted from the airport to your hotel with the minimum of fuss.

Seafood and eat it

Since Benidorm is a coastal city, seafood is very much on the menu, and there are a whole host of cafés and restaurants that take advantage of the area's freshest hauls. As well as individual seafood dishes, you might like to try a platter that allows you to sample all manner of freshly cooked fish, squid and the like. Or, perhaps try Suquet de peix, a fish stew that is something of a local delicacy.

Pick up a pasty

Pasties aren't just the preserve of Cornwall. Its Spanish counterpart is the empanadas, a word that means to wrap or coat a filling, which typically consists of beef or chicken. This savoury dish is typically fried in olive oil before serving.

Tasty tapas

Tapas can be enjoyed at any time of the day because it's a traditional Spanish cuisine that is presented in small, light portions. One of the best things about tapas is that it comes in many forms so a visit to the land of this famous treat provides the opportunity to try all kinds of delicious variations.

Piquant paella

Another Spanish staple is paella, a saffron-infused rice dish that is traditionally cooked using chicken, rabbit or duck. Since Benidorm is a seaside resort, seafood variations are common, with fish such as carp and monkfish often used as the main ingredient.

Choose chorizo

Not so long ago, chorizo was something of a culinary secret in the UK. In recent years, however, this spicy Spanish pork sausage has rapidly gained kitchen currency. In Spain, however, chorizo has long been a key constituent of many a local dish. When cooked with cherry tomatoes, red peppers, black olives, flavoured with balsamic vinegar and served with freshly made pasta, sliced chorizo is especially mouth-watering.

A vegetarian on the Costa Blanca

While most if not all of the above meals typically feature meat, it's easier than ever to find vegetarian alternatives that are no less tasty. And salads and soups are very much in demand in this part of the world.

After our Benidorm Airport transfers have delivered you quickly and safely to your holiday digs, you'll likely feel the need for a bite to eat. So, what will you choose…?

All information correct at time of writing.