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Benidorm Nightlife

A night on the town in Benidorm

Benidorm at night

Pick out your best party outfit and enjoy yourself in the Benidorm nightlife! Whether you're looking for a show or just want to dance the night away, Benidorm will have something you can enjoy with countless bars and clubs.

The nightlife in Benidorm is vibrant and one of the biggest reasons for holiday makers to head here (except for the beaches of course!). There are plenty of bars and clubs throughout Benidorm, this beach-side city barely seems to sleep! The main areas are:

  1. The Strip which follows Levante Beach.
  2. The Square around Avenida Mallorca in Old Town
  3. The large dance clubs just outside Benidorm on the main road towards Valencia

The range of evening entertainment in Benidorm is really outstanding with something for everyone; whether you were hoping for a wild night out or dinner and a show, or both! The night never ends and neither does the entertainment.

A lineup of great entertainment on The Strip

Starting at either end of The Strip and just following it is an easy way to make sure you're hitting plenty of wonderful pubs and clubs while you're in Benidorm and a lot of them provide live entertainment throughout the evening. Whether you're just looking for a few drinks or a full evening of Cabaret acts, somewhere along The Strip in Benidorm will have it.

Bourbon's Bar

This Bar is one of the most popular drinking stops along The Strip with a welcome and friendly atmosphere. Bourbon's Bar provides food during the day and has outdoor seating and is wheelchair accessible.

Planet Benidorm

Planet Benidorm is a firm favourite of the Benidorm nightlife with a relaxed air that's perfect for a slightly quieter night or a first stop when you're still planning where to go (you may well end up staying right here!)

The Shamrock

This friendly Irish bar is great for a bite to eat at the start of your big night out and just as good for live entertainment, music and drinks as the evening progresses.

Benidorm's Nightlife in The Square

Often referred to as 'The English Square', this area covers of a couple of streets close to Levante Beach where you can be certain of a cheap pint and a great night. With a lot of British bars close together, this is the perfect place for a pub crawl and with so many of them offering live entertainment there's nothing to stop you staying in one place for the evening. Here are some of the highlights.

Cafe Benidorm

Open from 8pm right through to the morning, Cafe Benidorm is well known for its lively atmosphere with great cabaret and tribute acts to keep you entertained while you enjoy your cocktails.


Popular with the slightly older visitors to Benidorm, Sinatra's is the place to go for amazing tribute acts and cabaret acts! As well as well-priced and delicious drinks including cocktails and 2 for 1 deals on local beers and spirits.


With live bands and tribute acts to the greats, the lively crowd and friendly bar staff will ensure you have a great night!

On the road to Valencia... Dance Clubs!

As you leave Benidorm town center heading towards Valencia you'll find a handful of the most popular clubs in Benidorm all nicely grouped together for the ease of your night out! You can dance the night away at any one of these nightclubs:

Discoteca Penelope

The Discoteca Penelope has been a huge part of the Benidorm nightlife for over 50 years and provides one of the most versatile spaces. The large main area is perfect for dancing with its large soundsystem more than capable of getting the party started. Outside there's a terrace with multiple bars, a pool and a BBQ area, whatever sort of party you're looking for, you should find it here.


One of the best known clubs in Benidorm, Privilege is popular with holiday-makers and locals alike playing a lot of Electro-Latin music to keep you dancing throughout the night. There are two seperate rooms of music and the club also has a terrace and a pool to give you plenty of options for your evening.

Space Morning Club

Although Space Morning Club isn't what you might technically call a nightclub but it's still an important part of the Benidorm Nightlife. Space Morning Club opens early in the morning and keeps the party going until the afternoon just in case you didn't get enough dancing done before the big clubs closed!

All information correct at the time of writing