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Airport traffic news

We're sure that the scene in the picture above is a familiar one for many British road-users. Roadworks, traffic jams and tailbacks are a common occurrence on our highly congested motorway system and the delays can become even more stressful if you've a flight to catch. With heavy snow becoming a permanent feature of winter across the country the weather also has a big say in our holiday travel plans. Of course, it's for just these reasons that we always recommend booking an airport hotel but we definitely maintain that it's best to know what to expect on the roads before you set off, hotel or no.

On this page we've compiled a useful list of links, widgets and information feeds to help keep you up-to-date with the latest airport traffic developments so you can plan your journey more effectively and avoid the hassle of snowy, gridlocked motorways.


The majority of British air travel is from London's Heathrow and Gatwick airports and as a result the M25 and M23 motorways are susceptible to long queues and tailbacks. Our airport guide pages now have airport traffic updates with information taken directly from the Highways Agency. These pages can be found here;

The BBC also provide excellent traffic information for the London airports.

South and East Anglia

Although the airports in the South West and East Anglia are not as large as Gatwick or Heathrow, we still have traffic news for all of them. Real-time news can be found on our airport guide pages.


Airport traffic news for our Midlands airports can be found on their respective airport guide pages.

North England

Always vulnerable to heavy snowfall in the winter, we recommend always checking our airport traffic news for your area if you're flying from the north.

Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland

We don't have any widgets for these countries, but we do have a handful of really useful links for your airport traffic information. We'd especially recommend checking during the winter if you're looking to fly from any of our Scottish airports.