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Reviews for JetParks 1 - serving T2 only

  • Average customer rating: 9 out of 10
  • Number of reviews: 3246

it was a great service, efficent, easy to use and really good value for money would definately recommend

10 out of 10JetParks 1

All good, price could be more reasonable though!

10 out of 10JetParks 1

Happy with Holiday extras always book my manchester parking

10 out of 10JetParks 1

Was on jet park 1 but transferred to jet park 3 because closed But could not get in so at to ring up for a tension to let me on So took my details and let me in but had all the same issue again getting of Still didn't except my registration So little dissapointed

7 out of 10JetParks 1

Arrival at the car park went smoothly but unfortunately on exit our car registration was not read and we had to use the intercom

10 out of 10JetParks 1

Everything easy to book kept me up-to-date with any changes to my carpark arrangements. Very busy but easy to find a space and close to the shuttle bus

9 out of 10JetParks 1

Everything was good. Could do with a bit more of a smooth surface as the rubble on the carpark broke my suitcase.

10 out of 10JetParks 1

Yes all good

10 out of 10JetParks 1

I booked my parking last year for Jet Parks 1 and on arrival at 3.30am we discovered it is no longer used as a Jet Park. After an initial panic, I drove to Jet Parks 3 where the barrier didn't go up. After speaking to the guy on the intercom he stated our booking hadn't been transferred over but he had our booking so we were able to park. It was added stress that we didn't need when we knew we we had the airport chaos to then face. Had I not used Jet Parks before I may have not known about Jet Park 3 so this was really poor on your behalf.

5 out of 10JetParks 1

Originally booked for Jet Parks 1. Received e-mail approx 2 weeks before holiday advising that we had been moved to Jet Parks 3, nothing to worry about, all details had been transferred. Arrived at Jet Parks 3 and the barrier wouldn't rise. Turns out they still had us booked in at Jet Parks 1!!!! problem solved and we were able to park at Jet Parks 3

10 out of 10JetParks 1