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Reviews for Buzz parking in association with Reeds

  • Average customer rating: 9 out of 10
  • Number of reviews: 18

Our experience with Buzz Parking was very smooth. The staff were very friendly and the transfers to and from the airport were quick and efficient.

10 out of 10Buzz Park and Ride (operated by Reeds)

Transfer to airport on departing journey left promptly and arrived in about 15 minutes. Van was a bit cramped and old but driver friendly. On returning, no one answered phone to arrange pickup from airport so we called their emergency number and no answer there either. They finally picked up phone when we called again 10 minutes later.

7 out of 10Buzz Park and Ride (operated by Reeds)

Staff did not answer the phone for 20 minutes when returning back was left waiting at bus stop. Staff very rude did not even apologise for the delay. Mini van in bad condition... very smelly

2 out of 10Buzz Park and Ride (operated by Reeds)

Hi , thank you for a very professional service. Everything went well, very straight forward and excellent value for money

10 out of 10Buzz Park and Ride (operated by Reeds)

Not a professional set up. A container as an office at a closed down petrol station, clearly a haulage and van hire yard. Very old mini bus dropped us off. On return only one person doing the pick ups, answering the phone, people waiting outside the yard to drop cars off but no one there. Made us very worried to leave our car and if it would be there when we got back. All the company logo said Reeds parking but it was now called Buzz parking. Not what we expected at all and certainly not to the standard we usually have when using car parking facilities.

5 out of 10Buzz Park and Ride (operated by Reeds)

Not the easiest to find, but very secure once there. Perhaps a road side sign board or something might help? A couple of people rang for directions while we were on the bus. My car was where I left it on my return. Quick turn around on drop off, 10 minutes to the airport. Waited only 10 minutes for pick up. Quick turn around on collection. Perfect!

10 out of 10Buzz Park and Ride (operated by Reeds)

Superb airport lounge (The House - Heathrow Terminal 4). Will definitely book this lounge again.

10 out of 10Buzz Park and Ride (operated by Reeds)

Very helpful staff ! Nothing was a bother to them. I arrived 2 hours earlier than booked but they didn’t make a fuss ! Great Customer Service!

9 out of 10Buzz Park and Ride (operated by Reeds)

Easy to find. No waiting taken immediately to airpor. On return called them and by the time I came to the stop they were there to pick me up. Friendly guys good service.

10 out of 10Buzz Park and Ride (operated by Reeds)

Arrived early but this wasn’t a problem as we had access to the car park. Easy drive to Terminal and collection on the return was quick and easy - thanks for the car wash too!

10 out of 10Buzz Park and Ride (operated by Reeds)