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Reviews for Short Stay

  • Average customer rating: 9 out of 10
  • Number of reviews: 177

Good rate for the short term car park. Frustrating that I was sent an offer for a % off my booking just after I had made the booking - so I cancelled my original one and rebooked at the cheaper price. That was bizarre.

9 out of 10Short Stay

Booking was straight forward documents again straight forward entry also good but exiting was not so straight for ward as the first time that I entered the barrier ticket I was asked for £96 pound was sorted by the official then the second time I used the parking on exit I was asked for £86 pound this time it took me nearly 30 min to sort this out then I had to re-call the official has he did not lift the barrier which took around another 15 Mins which when you are trying to get home not ideal to say the least

5 out of 10Short Stay

Easy to book, good value and all worked well on the day

10 out of 10Short Stay

Easy access and lots of parking spaces. No problems when we exist.

9 out of 10Short Stay

we booked parking and fast track product at Bristol airport. Parking went without a hitch although the discount was not that much. fast track QR did not work at Bristol airport, this maybe an airport issue or holiday extra issue. After seeking assistance our voucher was eventually accepted and we accessed the fast track system.

8 out of 10Short Stay

Yes no issues

10 out of 10Short Stay

I use Holiday extras regularly as I trust that the prices are good value, the service is seemless and when I have needed actual human contact your advisors are great.

10 out of 10Short Stay

It was great having discount on parking as I was an existing member and also really liked having £10 credit on a Caxton card! So helpful for our holiday

10 out of 10Short Stay

Actually no but it wasn’t your fault. The person at the fast track door caused huge delays until the fast track queue was back to the escalator and so many of us were getting desperate to get to the gate another person came and started getting everyone through smoothly just scanning the passes to get us inside to the security part. The queues were the worst I’d ever seen them. They were still letting people from the normal queue come out and buy fast track even though both systems were overwhelmed. The car park part worked well but I felt it was extortionate to pay so much for a two night trip - same as a week usually costs. But I had no choice - so yes I would book again but there’s no choice!

10 out of 10Short Stay

Booked parking at Bristol airport through Holiday Extra’s - all very simple, efficient and cost effective. Great system with number plate recognition. All so easy!

10 out of 10Short Stay