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  • Average customer rating: 9 out of 10
  • Number of reviews: 97

The staff were very helpful but the room was very small and the sofa bed sagged in the middle, meaning my 12 and 13 year old sons were pushed together, which they hated. As it was a ground floor room, we didn’t feel safe leaving the window open overnight and it was uncomfortably hot in the room so we slept really badly. However, it was very nice being able to have some breakfast when we left.

3 out of 10Holiday Inn Express

Yes very helpful

10 out of 10Holiday Inn Express

All worked well. Second time used this park and stay at Manchester Airport. Ran smoothly and all staff encountered were professional but friendly.

10 out of 10Holiday Inn Express

Hotel was great, quite room, clean, nice helpful staff. The jetparks however was not so great the included bus transfer was the issue as the drivers would not stop (multiple stops in the parking area and 1 at the exit/entry) people had been waiting for 40 plus mins with drivers driving past, I approached one driver who was very rude and said every was at the wrong stop and that they would not pick the people up.. really let down by this.

10 out of 10Holiday Inn Express

Always use holiday extras. As always offer best price.

9 out of 10Holiday Inn Express

We booked holiday inn + jet parks 2. Hotel great for 1 night. When I arrived at the gate it did not go up, had no contact details for us. Guy lifted the gate but was rude and stated I may have to pay again. Spoilt my 1st days as was concerned about problems coming home. My wife emailed while we was away and we had no further problems when we got back. I would expect some compensation or 50% off our next booking but of course this has not been offered. We both work hard to have family time with our children and this I am sorry comes down to you not passing our details to jet parks 2 when I booked a month ahead spoilt our experience with you this time. Again we looked forward to the break all year. Regards M Wilson

1 out of 10Holiday Inn Express

My car park had no details of my £200 booking which was stressful before the holiday, we had a flight to catch, took an age to find a space. The car park is half done and full of mud and gravel, the was no warning of this, it took over 30 mins for a bus to pick us up on the way home. It was abysmal service.

5 out of 10Holiday Inn Express

As described but Jetparks 2 car park could be improved if the surface wasn't just mud & soil

9 out of 10Holiday Inn Express

All went according to plan, relaxing holiday

8 out of 10Holiday Inn Express

Everything went well the only negative was no air conditioning in the room.

8 out of 10Holiday Inn Express