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The Premier Inn on Heathrow Bath Road is immensely popular with Holiday Extras customers, so why not take a read of what they had to say on their return from this low cost Heathrow hotel.

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  • Average customer rating: 9 out of 10
  • Number of reviews: 322

Hotel was good but Blue Circle parking were not that inspiring, Firstly on arrival they could not find our details as they had recorded us as arriving on a different day and then on the day of return, despite ringing on picking up our luggage and being advised it would be 20 minutes, it was 45 minutes and then only as a result of chasing. So in summary, hotel good but parking poor.

7 out of 10Premier Inn Bath Road

Very easy to choose and booked the best option. Good value for money when considering the best , most convenient option. Not sure if it was made clear to print QR code for Hoppa Bus. Phone code accepted by one driver but queried by another

8 out of 10Premier Inn Bath Road

This was as easy as it gets and overall great value. The only thing to add is that the car drop off (T3) is on the 4th floor of the short term car and the spiral access can become congested so give ample time.

10 out of 10Premier Inn Bath Road

Our room at the Premier Inn was about average. It was clean, the view was of the Purple Parking garage. The walls of the room were very thin and so we could hear our neighbours at the side of us and above us as the floors creaked. We had a meal in the restaurant and it was ok. The staff were very friendly and polite. The Meet and Greet parking was very efficient as always. We have used them on previous occasions and they are excellent.

7 out of 10Premier Inn Bath Road

Booking hotel and meet and greet at the terminal went really well, will use this again next time we travel.

9 out of 10Premier Inn Bath Road

Everything went well and will definitely use again

10 out of 10Premier Inn Bath Road

When we arrived I offered my name, showed co formation email and the girl said - sorry we have nothing for you. That was it, as if we were going to say’ oh, ok then, bye’. I had to ask to see a manager who did take the time to sort the problem and we weee issues a room. The hallways absolutely STUNK of stale smoke or something similar as I can’t imagine the carpets have not been changed since the mo smoking g van indoors other walls painted, dir to this I would not recommend nor re book myself!!! The room was ok but the hallways were awful!!!

2 out of 10Premier Inn Bath Road

Everything went smoothly. Car parking and stay in Premier Inn, Bath Rd

10 out of 10Premier Inn Bath Road

All went smoothly, from hotel booking to leaving car at T5 with Blue Circle and the pick up again at LHR T5.

10 out of 10Premier Inn Bath Road

Great service and all went efficiently well.

10 out of 10Premier Inn Bath Road