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(3 star hotel)
including 8 days parking
2.6 miles
from the airport
customer rating

Reviews for Premier Inn Hayes (Hyde Park) with Blue Circle Meet & Greet

  • Average customer rating: 7 out of 10
  • Number of reviews: 3

Yes all went well

9 out of 10Premier Inn Hayes (Hyde Park)

It's a premier in which I don't think needs much more explanation; it was clean the restaurant close by was okay but the problem was the car park. It does not have sufficient enough spaces to accommodate all guests and therefore is on a first come first serve basis which means that if the car park is full other guests were complaining that they were having to park on double yellow lines or some way away. However when I stayed, the car park was not policed their being no barrier reception telling me because it's a bank holiday weekend the operators were not working which when someone blocked a number of cars in and could not be traced led to a delay in getting to the airport which was not conducive to a good start to a holiday. On this alone I would not book this hotel again the risk of being blocked in and also not finding a car parking space is too high.

3 out of 10Premier Inn Hayes (Hyde Park)

All good efficient service all round

9 out of 10Premier Inn Hayes (Hyde Park)