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  • Average customer rating: 6 out of 10
  • Number of reviews: 22

I could never recommend Holiday Extras all the time they use Blue Circle Meet & Greet service, as this company is an absolute shambles to deal with. They do not deliver the service you are paying for as we had to wait 50 minutes for our car to be returned after a nighttime long haul flight, which is completely unacceptable. Blue Circle has dreadful reviews for a reason and if Holiday Extras continue to use them you will not be receiving my custom in the future.

1 out of 10Hilton Garden Inn T4

Blue Circle parking were not the best. Instructions pre departure said to phone before we got to the airport. It took 5 minutes before a phone was answered. No one to meet us at the car park stood around waiting then noticed a small desk next to the lifts. Collection time was wrong in their paperwork and the staff were not very pleasant. On arrival phoned as instructed when baggage was collected, there was a slight language barrier and the person on the phone was difficult to understand and I wasn’t confident they understood me. Got back to the desk in the car park and spoke to the man there who was rude and told me to wait out in the car park for my car. Stood in the car park for a further 20 minutes waiting for the car which wasn’t great after travelling for the best part of 15 hours with a further 2 to go. Definitely will not book with Blue Circle again and certainly would not recommend to anyone else. The car arrived back safely although there was a patch of the drivers hair gel on the headrest and a lingering smell of his aftershave!

3 out of 10Hilton Garden Inn T4

Hotel was good. Good location near terminal 4, it was easy to drive to terminal 2. Car park staff were efficient, we didn’t have to wait for the car, it was there when we arrived at the car park.

10 out of 10Hilton Garden Inn T4

the staff were not helpful, i could not get out of the gate with the parking ticket after phoning twice and waiting as the man told us to we then had a call back to say we had to pay to get out as it was after the 15 mins , had to pay almost £10 and lost 20 mins of valuable home time

2 out of 10Hilton Garden Inn T4

The car parking with Blue Circle was very disorganised and inefficient Would not use them again

6 out of 10Hilton Garden Inn T4

Given wrong instructions where to meet at the airport and it is costing me £40 in a fine as we went to the wrong place. And wouldn’t pick us up from the airport when returning, would only take our car to the airport when we were going to be staying at the hotel overnight. Staff were rude and extremely unhelpful

1 out of 10Hilton Garden Inn T4

We had no idea that the night at the hotel was independent of the meet and greet car parking! We wrongly assumed the car was staying at the hotel which caused assorts of minor issues. This should be made far clearer

4 out of 10Hilton Garden Inn T4

Regarding departure: Incorrect phone number for Blue Circle was given. Instructions for T4 parking were poor. Regarding arrival: car entered the parking lot at 7:46 and I was not handed the key until 8:10

1 out of 10Hilton Garden Inn T4

Everything was all good except we arrived early into Heathrow on return. Got bags & went to counter & told to call.It took just over hr + frw calls to get car back. Parking @ hotel & meet & greet early morning is good. Hotel was good, Fair value/cost/package

7 out of 10Hilton Garden Inn T4

Everything was spot on thank you and we will be using this company again.

9 out of 10Hilton Garden Inn T4