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Reviews for Best Western Ariel with parking at the hotel

  • Average customer rating: 8 out of 10
  • Number of reviews: 112

The Hotel food & staff can not be faulted. However, although situated opposite the airport the hotel has no viewing area to watch the planes, although you can see them landing from the front of the hotel which is located on a very busy road. There is no barrier security at the hotel. When we arrived the car park was full to over flowing, we were told its was because people had not returned to collect their cars. Someone from the hotel came out to find us a space & 'stood guard' of it whilst we retrieved our car, we weren't the only ones to have a parking issue. The hotel was very noisy, the pre-booked hoppa which runs every 30 mins did not turn up in the morning, apparently it had broken down. The hotel kindly booked us a taxi which we would have had to pay again for. The next hoppa (30 mins later) arrived before the taxi so we boarded only to find our hotel was the first pick-up.. it took a further 50 mins to get to the airport terminal, a journey which should've started 30 mins earlier & only meant to rake 15 mins! The driver was also unaware that the previous hoppa had broken down! The return hoppa service was just as bad, waiting nearly an hour for it to arrive. The worst park and stay experience we have ever had.

7 von 10Best Western Ariel

1. Airel Hotel accommodation good 2. Airel hotel reception long quese 3. No parking available on arrival- reception had to open a previously barriered off section. 4. We arrived home at T5 at approx. 4pm and had to wait an hour to get Hoppa bus. Used taxi at £20 with no recovery for Hoppa bus

5 von 10Best Western Ariel

The Best Western Ariel hotel was clean with welcoming staff after a long wait to check in. The rooms were adequate but small.

7 von 10Best Western Ariel

Went like clockwork - had good in th hotel which was excellent

10 von 10Best Western Ariel

Typical 3 star hotel as simple as that. We wouldn’t stay there again. We felt at the time of booking this was the only reasonable priced hotel with parking, at byte time 4 star hotels, we thought, were over priced .

5 von 10Best Western Ariel

Great hotel. Hoops bus is limited so had to rely on Taxis

9 von 10Best Western Ariel

When we arrived at the hotel there were no parking spaces. We ended up leaving our car in a disabled space for 4 days, which is what the hotel told us to do, but we weren’t very comfortable about doing that. The room was very pokey and felt claustrophobic, but was just about adequate. It was quite a long way to the terminal and there were no shuttle buses at the time we needed, so ended up paying expensive taxi fares. All in all, not ideal.

3 von 10Best Western Ariel

Had to complain to reception that the bathroom was not clean as had hair all over it. We were moved to another room after an apology. I was then woken at 2.30am by a group of makes shouting outside room. Went outside to ask then to be quiet and was told they were waiting for a key, should they have not been told to go to reception and get it? The party then carries on in the next room. Reception are called and say they will deal with it. An hour later and two more unanswered calls to reception the party is still going on. I have to confront the men again and see 7-8 with the room door open! As a paying guest I should never be in a position where I have to confront a group of drunk men. I ended up with 4 hours sleep and not only ruined my evening but had a knock on effect for the next day. Reception in the morning and little to say about it and said they would talk to the men but doubt that ever happened. Not much of an apology or even acknowledgement if the awful night we had had. Absolutely fuming and had to pay for this night!

1 von 10Best Western Ariel

Warm welcome, friendly staff, pleasant room, and good food.

10 von 10Best Western Ariel

Hotel was comfortable, staff were helpful and the car was safe in the hotel’s car park.

10 von 10Best Western Ariel