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Enjoy top rates with San Diego Airport parking

At Holiday Extras we're here to help you choose the best airport parking deal that's excellent bang for your buck! With more than years' worth of experience in airport parking we're proud to offer top rates on San Diego Airport parking.

Check out an overview of parking lots and services available at SAN below.

San Diego Airport Parking Lots
Parking Lot Location Transfer times*
Terminal 1 Parking Plaza On-airport Currently under construction - Expected to open Fall 2024
Terminal 2 Parking Plaza On-airport 2-5 minute walk
Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina Off-airport 2-5 minute shuttle
Aladdin Airport Parking Off-airport 10-15 minute shuttle
Laurel Travel Center-Jazz Parking Off-airport 5-10 minute shuttle
Wally Park Off-airport 5-10 minute shuttle
San Diego's Park, Shuttle Fly Off-airport 5-10 minute shuttle
San Diego Airport Parking Co. Off-airport 5-10 minute shuttle

*Transfer times are approximate.

There are plenty of parking lots to choose from at San Diego Airport. Whether you're looking for cheaper long-term parking that's off-airport, or would like a personal valet service, click the 'Search' button below, select San Diego airport, enter your travel dates and check out all our live pricing and availability.

On-airport Parking at San Diego Airport

On-airport parking is one of the most convenient parking options as you can park very close to the terminal. There are two on-airport parking lots listed below:

  • Terminal 1 Parking Plaza - Currently under construction
  • Terminal 2 Parking Plaza

The Terminal 1 Parking Plaza is currently under construction and is expected to open Fall 2024. Terminal 2 Parking Plaza is in easy access of both terminals. Terminal 2 Parking Plaza has had an upgrade and features Covered Parking and over 1800 spaces. There's also 16 EV Charging Stations.

Off-Airport Parking at San Diego Airport

Off-Airport parking is a cheaper alternative to on-airport parking. Off-airport parking options at San Diego International Airport include the following:

  • Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina - 1380 Harbor Island Dr.
  • Aladdin Airport Parking - 2548 Kettner Blvd.
  • Laurel Travel Center-Jazz Parking - 1025 W. Laurel St.
  • Wally Park - 3298 Kettner Blvd.
  • San Diego's Park, Shuttle Fly - 3405 Pacific Hwy.
  • San Diego Airport Parking Co. - 2771 Kurtz St.

Meet and Greet Parking at San Diego Airport

Enjoy an exceptional meet and greet experience and book curbside valet parking at San Diego Airport. This exclusive and ultra-convenient service allows you to avoid the stress of finding your own parking space. You will be greeted at the curb by a professional driver who will park your car for you.

Electric cars ⚡

San Diego International Airport offers 16 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in Terminal 2 Parking Plaza Lot.

San Diego Electric Car Charging
Holiday Extras recommended San Diego Airport Parking

With so many fantastic SAN Airport parking deals to choose from, we've hand-picked one of our favourite options for you.

Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 Curbside Valet

This on-airport parking is the quickest and most convenient way to park at San Diego Airport. Simply leave your car with one of the fully-insured, professional valet staff and walk straight through to check-in (in under 3 minutes). Your car will also be ready for you on your return, just send a text when you land.

San Diego Airport Parking - Frequently Asked Questions

Is there free parking at San Diego Airport?

Yes, there is free parking at the Cell Phone Lot and waiting to pick up your loved ones has never been easier. Open daily from 5am to 12:30am, there are 70 parking spaces available and you can wait for up to 60 minutes. The Cell Phone Lot is now located at the Terminal 2 Parking Lot with access from McCain Road.