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Book great value parking at Raleigh-Durham Airport

Holiday Extras has over 36 years' experience in airport parking and we know there can be a lot to consider when you're choosing the parking that's right for you. For instance, should you park your car just a short walk from one of the terminals, or would Economy Parking be better for your budget? If you're flying from Raleigh-Durham Airport, we'll do our best to help you park your concerns along with your car and help you find the ideal parking for your trip.

Check out all the parking options below.

RDU Airport Parking Lots
Parking Lot Location Transfer times*
ParkRDU Central Parking On-airport 2-5 minute walk
ParkRDU Premier Parking On-airport 2-3 minute walk
ParkRDU Economy Parking On-airport 3-5 minute shuttle
Fast Park & Relax RDU Off-airport 5-8 minute shuttle

*Transfer times are approximate.

There are several reliable and affordable parking options to choose from at Raleigh-Durham Airport. Check out our live pricing and parking availability below by clicking the 'Search' button. Simply select 'Raleigh/Durham' and enter your travel dates.

On-airport Parking at Raleigh-Durham Airport

On-airport parking is the most convenient way to park at Raleigh Airport. There's several on-airport options available including:

  • ParkRDU Central Parking - Conveniently located in the main parking garage between Terminals 1 and 2, ParkRDU Central offers more than 10,000 spaces with only a short walk to both terminals. This lot is centrally located and there are covered and uncovered spaces available.
  • ParkRDU Premier Parking - Enjoy the ultimate ease and convenience of parking in a dedicated space, in a covered area. This parking area is on the ground level of the main parking garage, with direct access to both terminals. Featuring the easiest entrance and exit on-airport, you'll park just steps from the terminals!
  • ParkRDU Economy Parking - Save money and park your car just a short shuttle ride away from the terminals. Economy parking is a great option for low-cost on-airport long-term parking.

Off-Airport Parking at Raleigh-Durham Airport

Parking off-airport can often be a cheaper alternative to on-airport parking. With a shuttle service to the RDU Terminals, the following off-airport lot provides a low-cost alternative and is only 0.6 miles from the airport.

  • Fast Park & Relax RDU - This covered, long-term parking lot has outdoor-rated GFIs and is open 24/7.

Meet and Greet Parking at Raleigh-Durham Airport

If you decide to book meet and greet, or valet parking at Raleigh-Durham Airport you'll enjoy exceptional hassle-free parking. You won't need to worry about searching for a parking space when you arrive because a professional driver will park your car for you.

Electric cars ⚡

There are facilities for charging your vehicle at certain lots. You'll need to check availability with your specific car lot before you depart.

Raleigh-Durham Electric Car Charging
Holiday Extras recommended Raleigh-Durham Airport Parking

With several reliable long-term and short-term options available, we've highlighted the top most budget-friendly and convenient parking for you.

ParkRDU Economy Parking

Park your car just a short shuttle ride away from the terminals. Economy parking is a great low-cost option for your long-term parking and the free 24/7 shuttle service runs every 20 minutes. Grab a great deal - you can't park any closer for less!

Raleigh-Durham Airport Parking - Frequently Asked Questions

How many terminals are there at Raleigh-Durham Airport?

RDU has two terminals.

How much does it cost to park at Raleigh-Durham Airport?

The price of your airport parking will depend upon the type of parking you need. If you're after the convenience of Premier on-airport parking, that's close to the airport terminals, then your parking will be more expensive than Economy parking. To find out the exact costs, check out our live pricing and availability. Simply select 'Raleigh/Durham' Airport and enter your travel dates.

Is there free parking for picking up passengers at Raleigh Airport?

Yes, there is free parking available for picking up arriving passengers. Simply use the Free Cell Lot located just minutes from each terminal. Wait with your car and tell your loved one to call you after they've claimed their bags. Then take the short 3-minute drive to the terminal to collect them.