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Great Parking Lots for LAX

Los Angeles Airport is one of the most popular airports in America, serving millions of customers a year, and that means there are a lot of parking lots to choose from! Finding the right airport parking at any airport can be stressful, let alone somewhere as busy as LAX, so make sure you're not missing out on airport parking at Los Angeles

We've got over 36 years worth of experience in airport parking, so let us help you choose the right parking for your trip.

Los Angeles Airport (LAX) Parking Lots
Parking Lot Location Transfer times*
Terminal Parking On-airport 3-5 minutes
Economy Parking On-airport 15 minutes
Valet Terminal Parking On-airport 1-2 minutes
Premium Terminal Parking On-airport 2-3 minutes
EV Terminal Parking On-airport 3-5 minutes
Van Nuys Flyaway Parking Off-airport 60+ minutes
Joe's Airport Parking Off-airport 5-10 minutes
Airport Center Parking Off-airport 5-10 minutes
The Parking Spot Sepulveda Off-airport 5-10 minutes
Quik Park Off-airport 5-10 minutes
Sunrise LAX Airport Parking Off-airport 10-15 minutes
WallyPark Express LAX Off-airport 15 minutes
The Parking Spot Century Off-airport 15 minutes
Airport Spectrum LAX Parking Off-airport 15 minutes
LAX Valet Service On-airport 1-2 minutes
Marriott LAX Parking Off-airport 10-15 minutes
Curb Express Off-airport 15 minutes
South Bay Airport Parking Off-airport 15-20 minutes
Fox Autoparks Off-airport 10-15 minutes
405 Airport Parking Off-airport 10-15 minutes
VIP Parkings Off-airport 5 minutes
ValuePark LAX Off-airport 10-15 minutes

*Transfer times are approximate.

As you can see, there are plenty of parking lots to choose from both at LAX and nearby, ranging from simple valet and meet and greet parking through to budget-friendly off-airport park and ride parking lots. Below we'll go into the benefits of each to help you choose the perfect parking for you.

On-airport Parking at LAX

A lot of parkers consider on-airport parking to be the middle-ground of airport parking lots, not as cheap as off-airport, but not as expensive as meet and greet or full valet service parking, these lots walk the line between convenience and cost.

Below you'll find the on-airport choices at LAX

  • Terminal Parking
  • Economy Parking
  • Premium Terminal Parking
  • EV Terminal Parking

Off-Airport Parking at Los Angeles Airport

Off-airport parking is a fantastic way to save some money on your LAX airport parking, these parking lots are a little further away from departures so you may find you have a longer transfer, but they can be some of the cheapest available parking spaces; perfect if you're looking to save some money.

  • Van Nuys Flyaway Parking
  • Joe's Airport Parking
  • Airport Center Parking
  • The Parking Spot Sepulveda
  • Quik Park
  • Sunrise LAX Airport Parking
  • WallyPark Express LAX
  • The Parking Spot Century
  • Airport Spectrum LAX Parking
  • Marriott LAX Parking
  • Curb Express
  • South Bay Airport Parking
  • Fox Autoparks
  • 405 Airport Parking
  • VIP Parkings
  • ValuePark LAX

Meet and Greet Parking at Los Angeles Airport

Meet and Greet parking, also known as Valet parking, is the ultimate expression in ease of parking at an airport. Forget about finding the car lot and hunting down a parking space, with this effortless parking you'll be met curbside at LAX by a professional driver who will take your keys and park your car for you. When you return from your trip you don't even have to remember where your car was parked, the driver will bring it back to you!

  • Valet Terminal Parking
  • LAX Valet Service

Electric cars ⚡

Electric vehicles are becoming much more common and as such, more and more airports and airport parking providers are beginning to offer electric charge points at their facilities. Below you can see LAX car lots that offer an EV charging point for their customers.

  • Economy Parking
  • Premium Terminal Parking
  • EV Terminal Parking (P1, P5, P6)
  • Joe's Airport Parking
  • The Parking Spot Sepulveda
  • WallyPark Express LAX
  • The Parking Spot Century
  • Airport Center Parking
  • LAX Valet Service
Los Angeles LAX Electric Car Charging
Holiday Extras recommended Los Angeles LAX Airport Parking

With so many LAX car parks to choose from, it may be a bit daunting to pick the perfect parking for your trip. Take a look at our recommended car parks, these are Los Angeles parking facilities that we think are particularly excellent.

Los Angeles Airport Valet Terminal Parking

Definitely one of the quickest and easiest LAX car parks, Valet Terminal Parking is a great way to get your trip started. All you need to do is drive to the airport where you'll be met by a professional driver, they will park your car for you while you head straight to departures.

VIP Parkings

An off-airport parking garage with a quick transfer time to LAX. VIP Parkings offer covered and uncovered valet parking and if you're looking to treat your car while you're away they offer car washing and detailing services.

Joe's Airport Parking LAX

Joe's parking is a popular car park close to Los Angeles LAX airport with a variety of services to help make your visit as easy as possible. Use the free Wi-Fi to keep an eye on your departure times, take it easy with luggage assistance and you can even charge your electric vehicle while you're away.

Facilities and amenities at Los Angeles Airport

As well as the 8 terminals at LAX there are plenty of amenities to keep you busy before your flight, from restaurants for a quick bite to shops where you can get that last minute gift. When it comes to places to eat and drink there are other 30 choices from Burger King to Panda Express so there should be something for everyone.

Los Angeles Airport has introduced various pieces by local artists including changing exhibitions to humanise the airport experience, making your time here much more enjoyable.

Los Angeles LAX Airport Parking - Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to park at LAX airport?

As with any airport parking, the price can change depending on the type of parking you are looking for, whether that's self-parking, meet and greet valet parking. The distance to the airport is another factor in determining the price of your airport parking, so this is definitely something to consider when choosing your car park.

Is there free parking at LAX?

You can park for up to two hours free at the LAX Cell Phone Lot while you're waiting to pick up, but your car must be attended to at all times.