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There's no need to get stressed about your Baltimore Airport Parking, we've got over 36 years' experience in helping people find the perfect airport parking while they're away, so that you can have a stress-free trip. We'll help you compare all the different types of parking at BWI Airport, whether you're looking for an on-airport car park for super-convenience or something a little further out to save some money, we'll do our best to help.

Book your Baltimore Airport parking now by clicking the 'Search' button below to save yourself a parking space at BWI Airport.

BWI Airport Parking (Baltimore)
Parking Lot Location Transfer times*
Hourly Garage On-airport 5-10 minute free shuttle
Daily Garage On-airport 5-10 minute free shuttle
Express Parking On-airport 5-10 minute free shuttle
Long Term Parking On-airport 5-10 minute free shuttle

*Transfer times are approximate.

On-airport Parking at BWI Airport

The 4 official parking lots for Baltimore International Airport are all on-airport grounds making each of them super-convenient for you. The parking lots are also served by a complimentary transfer shuttle that will speed you to the terminal in just a few minutes.

  • Hourly Garage
  • Daily Garage
  • Express Parking
  • Long Term Parking

Electric cars ⚡

There are 10 EV charging stations available at BWI Baltimore Airport so you shouldn't have any trouble keeping topped up. These charging stations are available at:

  • Hourly Garage
  • Daily Garage
Baltimore BWI Electric Car Charging
Holiday Extras recommended BWI Airport Parking

Need a little help choosing your parking lot? We understand, after all, all of the parking lots available at Baltimore International Airport are good choices. So, which one is our favourite?

Daily Garage

This parking garage is one of the closest to the terminal and offers fantastic daily parking rates, which is what makes it our favourite parking spot at Baltimore International Airport. On top of that it's one of only 2 locations at BWI that offers EV charging points.

Baltimore BWI Airport Parking - Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to park my car at Baltimore airport?

This depends on the parking lot that you choose and the duration of your parking, if you click the 'Search' button above you'll be taken to our booking engine which will show you all our current pricing and availability.

Does Baltimore airport have long term parking?

BWI Airport certainly does have Long Term Parking and you'll often find that this is the most cost-effective parking as it is a little further from the terminal.

How early should I get to BWI airport?

It is recommended by the TSA that you arrive 2 hours early for domestic flights from BWI and 3 hours early for international flights.