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Book your parking at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport

If you're flying from Atlanta airport we want you to have an easy and hassle-free trip, and the first step to that is simple airport parking. With a variety of parking choices at Atlanta airport, you're sure to find a parking lot that will suit your needs down to the ground.

Holiday Extras has over 36 years' experience in airport parking making us the perfect partner to help you find your Atlanta airport parking.

Atlanta (ATL) Airport Parking Lots
Parking Lot Location Transfer times*
ParkATL Select (Uncovered) On-airport 3-5 minute shuttle
International Park Ride On-airport 3-4 minute shuttle
ParkATL Select (Covered) On-airport 3-5 minute shuttle
ATL West Parking Deck On-airport 3-5 minute shuttle
International Hourly On-airport 4-5 minute walk
ParkATL Select (Oversized) On-airport 3-5 minute shuttle
Economy Parking On-airport 5-6 minute shuttle

*Transfer times are approximate.

We have a few different options for your parking at Atlanta airport which means you can choose the perfect parking for your needs, whether you're looking for a budget-friendly parking lot or something ultra-convenient within walking distance of the terminal, we've got you covered. Click the 'Search' button below, select your airport and travel dates and we'll show you all our live pricing and availability.

On-airport Parking at Atlanta Airport

One of the most convenient ways to park, an on-airport parking lot is exactly what it sounds like, an lot situated on airport grounds close to the terminal. These lots often mean that you can walk to the terminal in a few moments, or in some cases you'll just need to jump on a quick shuttle to the airport itself.

  • ParkATL Select (Uncovered)
  • International Park Ride
  • ParkATL Select (Covered)
  • ATL West Parking Deck
  • International Hourly
  • ParkATL Select (Oversized)
  • Economy Parking

Off-Airport Parking at Atlanta Airport

Off-airport parking refers to parking lots that are located outside of Atlanta airport grounds; these generally have a longer transfer time. To counteract the longer transfers you'll often find that these parking lots are a little cheaper, making them good for your wallet.

Meet and Greet Parking at Atlanta Airport

Find yourself the ultimate in convenience Meet and Greet parking, allow a professional driver to meet you at the airport and take your car to a secured parking lot while you head to departures.

Electric cars ⚡

Atlanta Airport offers a lot of EV charging stations across its various parking lots, all of which are free. You can find EV charging stations in the following parking lots:

  • International Hourly
  • International Park-Ride lot
  • ATL West Parking Deck
  • ATL Park Ride Select
Atlanta EWR Electric Car Charging
Holiday Extras recommended Atlanta ATL Airport Parking

There are plenty of great parking lots to choose from at ATL Atlanta Airport, so we've chosen our favourite to give you a bit of direction while you're choosing.

ParkATL Select (Covered)

This excellent parking lot is just a 3-5 minute transfer shuttle from the terminal building making it super-convenient for Atlanta Airport parking. The lot also has the advantage of being covered for some added protection for your car while you're away.

Atlanta Airport Parking - Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to park at the Atlanta airport?

Parking at Atlanta Airport can start from $10* per day depending on which parking lot you choose, we recommend you book in advance to get the best prices and to secure yourself a space.

What is the cheapest Atlanta airport parking?

The ParkATL Select (Uncovered) is the cheapest car park at ATL, starting from just $10* per day.

*Prices are correct at time of writing