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ZSL Whipsnade Zoo with Hotel Stay

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo with Hotel Stay

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo with Hotel Stay

After meeting all your favourite animals, from breath-taking big cats to paddling penguins, enjoy an overnight stay at a nearby hotel.

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, one of Europe's biggest wildlife conservation parks, is the perfect place for your next family adventure. Set in 600 acres of beautiful parkland on top of the Chiltern Hills and home to more than 9,500 animals, you're sure to have a truly memorable day out. As you explore, you'll be able to get closer to some of the biggest and best stars of the animal kingdom, including lions, giraffes, elephants, bears and rhinos. There's also daily live talks, demonstrations, feeds and much more to enjoy during your visit.

Our money-saving ZSL Whipsnade Zoo package also includes an overnight stay in a top, nearby hotel (with breakfast included), allowing you to stretch your day trip into an unforgettable animal adventure.

Our ZSL Whipsnade Zoo Breaks include:

  • Admission Ticket to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo
  • An overnight stay in your choice of 4* or 5* hotel
  • A delicious breakfast the following morning

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ZSL Whipsnade Zoo FAQs

Where is ZSL Whipsnade Zoo?

Whipsnade Zoo is located near Dunstable in Bedfordshire. The address is:


Is ZSL Whipsnade Zoo the biggest zoo?

Yes, set across an impressive 600-acres, ZSL Whipsnade Zoo is the UK's largest zoo.

What animals are at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo?

Some of the animals at Whipsnade Zoo include: cheetahs, amur tigers, lynx, wolverines, African lions, zebras, giraffes, penguins, lemurs, butterflies, freshwater fish, African wild dogs, elephants, white rhinos, hippopotamus, greater one horned rhinos, red pandas, brown bears, chimpanzees, camels, yak, Pere David's deer and a whole host of farmyard animals.

What are the main things to do at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo?

In addition to seeing the animals, there are daily talks and shows, children's farm, butterfly house, indoor soft play, outdoor playground and steam train rides to enjoy during your visit.

How long does it take to go around Whipsnade Zoo?

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo recommends that guests spend a minimum of half a day at the zoo in order to ensure they see the majority of the animal residents.

What animals roam freely at Whipsnade Zoo?

Free-roaming animals at Whipsnade Zoo include mara, wallabies, Chinese water deer and muntjac.

Can I buy food at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo?

Yes, there are a variety of tasty food outlets around the Zoo, serving everything from pasta to pizza, burgers to afternoon tea. Guests are also welcome to bring their own food - there are picnic tables around the site.

Where can I park at Whipsnade Zoo?

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo has a large, FREE car park just outside the Zoo. Alternatively, you can drive into the Zoo and park in specified areas. Parking is available from £12 in Winter (31 October 2022 onwards) and £25 during Peak seasons (12 February - 30 October).

How do you get around Whipsnade Zoo?

As you'd expect the Zoo is very walker friendly, with signs throughout helping to navigate your way around and showing how long it will take to reach popular attractions. There's also a FREE and frequent Safari bus that stops at various locations around the zoo. You can also opt to take a ride on one of the impressive steam trains (charged service). Your safari adventure will take you through various enclosures and you'll hear exciting commentary along the way.

Is ZSL Whipsnade Zoo accessible?

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo is considered reasonably wheelchair friendly. Find out more about the accessibility and inclusivity measures.

What is the difference between London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo?

  • Size: One of the main differences between ZSL London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo is the size. London Zoo is 36 acres while Whipsnade Zoo is 600 acres - that's almost 17 times larger.
  • Number of animals. London Zoo is home to nearly 15,000 animals, whereas Whipsnade Zoo has over 10,000.