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The Gunpowder Plot With Hotel stay

The Gunpowder Plot

Live through the most daring conspiracy as you meet up with the mysterious 'traitors' behind London's most famous rebellion. Starring Tom Felton as Guy Fawkes.

Ignite all five senses as Jacobean London explodes into life around you and your fellow conspirators

Step into the world of Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot, a world filled with spies and informants in every shadow, a world where rebels are set to light the fuse and change the world forever. Go undercover surrounded by 'traitors' as you try to figure out who you can trust and discover the identities of the people behind the most infamous plot London has ever faced.

Your old London adventure will last around 1 hour and 40 minutes including a 20 minute break in the wonderfully recreated 'Duck and Drake' pub with refreshments for thirsty plotters. The Gunpowder Plot uses a groundbreaking combination of live-action, VR, and cutting technology like motion simulators, physical sensations and stunning special effects to bring Jacobean London to life at one of its most volatile moments.

With our special package deal you can enjoy the immersive experience of The Gunpowder Plot followed by a relaxing and comfortable overnight stay in a nearby London hotel, just what you need after a long day of uncovering conspiracies! When you wake up in the morning we'll even treat you to a free breakfast at the hotel to get you set up for your day.

Tom Felton as Guy Fawkes The Gunpowder Plot Immersive Swordfight The Gunpowder Plot Immersive Experience Virtual Reality The Gunpowder Plot Immersive Experience

The Gunpowder Plot

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Make the most of your time in London, both modern day and past, with an overnight stay at a nearby hotel including a delicious breakfast.

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The Gunpowder Plot - FAQs

How long is the Gunpowder Plot immersive experience?

The Gunpowder Plot immersive experience is 1 hour and 40 minutes including a 20 minute break for refreshments at the recreated 'Duck and Drake'.

What was the Gunpowder Plot Summary?

The Gunpowder Plot was a failed attempt to kill King James I of England in Novemeber 1605 during the Opening of Parliament. King James I was a protestant king and the hope was that his death would establish a Catholic rule in England.

When was the Gunpowder Plot?

Remember, remember, the 5th of November... 1605

Is the Gunpowder Plot scary?

The Gunpowder Plot is an immersive, suspensful and thrilling experience, there are surprises and shocks but most people won't find it particularly scary.

Where is the Gunpowder Plot Immersive Experience

8-12 Tower Hill, London EC3N 4EE