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Top Tips for Keeping Money Safe while Travelling Abroad

Keeping your travel money safe when you're travelling abroad is important and sometimes requires more than just common sense. Here's our guide to keeping your hard-earned money safe while travelling abroad.

Keeping money safe while travelling abroad

There are lots of ways to keep your money safe when travelling abroad but first, here are some things that are never smart to do.

  • Don't use ATMs that look as though they've been tampered with – try to use ones in safe places like banks and post offices.
  • Don't leave all of your money at your accommodation, even if you have a safe.

Keeping cash safe when travelling

Most international destinations are safe, but it's still wise to protect yourself against theft. A travel money belt or bumbag is a good way to carry cash, as they make it harder for pickpockets to prey on you. If you're heading somewhere a bit riskier and must carry cash, don't carry it all in one place. Instead, spread it across your person (in a money belt, jacket, shoes and even underwear) and your bags. This way, if anything gets stolen or is lost, you'll still have a good amount of cash left.

Best way to keep money safe when travelling

Travel money cards are the safest way to carry money on your travels, as they're pin protected and your funds are usually safeguarded by the provider in case of fraud. You can preload them before you go or top them up from your regular bank account while you're travelling. When you withdraw funds, try to use ATMs inside banks, as they will be the most secure option regardless of where you are.

If you're using your regular debit card when travelling, try not to keep all of your money in the account that's linked to the card. Instead, keep money in a savings account and only transfer across small amounts at a time. Then, if your card is compromised, you won't lose everything.

How can I hide money on my body?

There are lots of variations on the travel money belts on the market, including the leg safe, underarm wallet and even travel underwear. They strap discreetly and securely to your body and conceal cash and other valuables. If you don't want to splash out, popping cash into a sandwich bag and tucking it into tight-fitting underwear also works. Consider also investing in jackets with zipped inside pockets or sewing one into an existing garment to keep your cash safe.