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Sainsbury's travel money

Sainsbury's is proud to be the UK's first supermarket bank and offers reasonable currency exchange rates for those jetting off to foreign countries. There are more than 260 Sainsbury's travel money bureaux in the UK selling over 50 different currencies from around the world.

Can you exchange currency at Sainsbury's?

You can order your Sainsbury's travel money in-store, online or by phone. If you use the supermarket's website before 2pm, or its phoneline before 2:30pm Monday to Thursday, you'll receive your cash in the post the next day. Sainsbury's offers free delivery on orders worth £500 or more. If you exchange between £100 and £499.99, delivery costs £4.99.

Alternatively, order cash in your nearest store and collect euros and US dollars the next day, or other currencies in three days. To find out how much money you could get, use Sainsbury's online currency exchange rate calculator.

Do you get Nectar points with Sainsbury's currency?

Yes, along with better currency exchange rates. The amount of points awarded varies, but if you spend more than %200, you'll get five points for every £100 spent online or by phone, and 10 points for every £100 spent in-store. You can use these Nectar points to buy products across a huge number of outlets, including Argos, eBay, Pizza Express, easyJet, Virgin Trains and Vue Cinema.

What is a Sainsbury's Travel Money card?

The supermarket has its own Sainsbury's Bank Multi-currency Cash Passport Mastercard. This prepaid currency card can be bought at any Sainsbury's travel money bureau. You can also order it online and either collect it in-store or get it delivered to your home. Once you've loaded it up with money, it can be used immediately for 10 different currencies. These include the euro, Swiss franc, Turkish lira, UAE dirham, South African rand and the US, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand dollar, as well as the UK pound.

Does Sainsbury's buy back unused notes?

Sainsbury's runs a travel money buy back scheme, so there's no need to spend every last note and coin while you're away. You can exchange notes from most of the currencies sold by Sainsbury's. Just check at your local bureau when you first order your cash. Unfortunately, there's no way to guarantee the same exchange rate, but you can find out how much cash you can expect to get back by checking on the Sainsbury's website before you go.