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Ramsdens travel money

Ramsden's currency exchange service offers you the chance to get your travel money before you go. You can choose from 50 different currencies and collect your cash from selected Ramsden's branches across the UK. If you order online, you can find your nearest exchange bureau by browsing the list of Click & Collect outlets on the Ramsden's website. You can also search for expected delivery times by order day.

Does Ramsden's have good currency exchange rates?

Ramsden's charges 0% commission and reviews its exchange rates every day to make sure they're competitive. You can find a currency exchange comparison on the Ramsdens website, where it checks its rates against those offered by Asda, Eurochange, NM Money and No.1. Ramsdens also has its own currency calculator, which allows you to select one of 50 different currencies to find specific exchange rates.

When can you collect your Ramsden's travel money?

Ramsden's has quick turnaround times if you're ordering euros or dollars. If you order them before midday, Monday to Thursday, you can collect them after 2pm the next day. If ordered before midday on Friday, euros and dollars can be collected the following Monday after 2pm.

If you opt to collect your cash, you can pay a deposit to reserve the current exchange rate for seven days. This way, you'll know how much money you'll get, even if the rate declines in the meantime.

Can you get a Ramsden's travel card?

Yes, the Ramsden's Mastercard Prepaid Card will enable you to spend money abroad even when you don't have cash. Just top it up in a Ramsden's branch or online. By logging into your Ramsden's account, you can make sure you have funds, no matter where you are in the world. You can use the prepaid currency card wherever the Mastercard Acceptance Mark is displayed, at over two million ATMs, as well as shops, restaurants and hotels in more than 210 countries.

Payments in currencies other than euros and US dollars incur a transaction fee, but you can still use your Ramsden's travel card in most electronic terminals that accept Mastercard. To get your own currency card, buy it online from the Ramsden's website and collect it at your nearest branch.

Can you sell your currency back to Ramsden's?

Don't worry if you don't manage to spend every last note and coin. Ramsden's has a travel money buy back offer, so you can exchange your remaining cash for British pounds once you're back in the UK.