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Best travel money card for Australia

Whether you're travelling to Australia for its beautiful beaches, vast national parks or famous cityscapes, you're going to need some travel money for your time Down Under.

Which currency is used in Australia?

The national currency of Australia is Australian dollars (AUD).

How much money can I bring into Australia?

You can bring as much currency in and out of Australia as you like. But if you arrive with more than AUD$10,000 or the foreign equivalent in cash, you need to declare it.

Can I use my credit or debit card in Australia?

Visa and MasterCard are both widely accepted in Australia. But before you jet off, make sure to inform your bank of your holiday and also ask about the fees you will incur when using your card abroad. If you don't, your card could get blocked and you won't be able to access your travel money.

Where can I buy Australian currency?

You can exchange currency at international airports, hotels and banks. Also, there are plenty of ATMS where you can withdraw cash, but these might be less frequent in more isolated towns and the Outback. For this reason, it's a good idea to always have some cash on you.

Compare travel money cards for Australia

There are plenty of travel money cards you can use for spending in Australia, and they vary depending on the conversion type, conversion fee, ATM fee and the number of currencies. Some of these include Caxton FX Currency Card, Travelex Money Card and The Post Office Travel Money Card.

Pre-paid travel money cards for Australia

With the Caxton FX Currency Mastercard you can pre-load your travel money and spend it in 15 currencies, including Norwegian Krone, South African rand and Swiss franc. There are no extra costs for ATM withdrawals or purchases, but a minimum of £50 or £100 needs to be loaded if using your mobile to top-up the card.

The Post Office Travel Money Card can be loaded with 13 currencies, but there are some substantial fees. You will be charged around £2 to withdraw from an ATM, and you have to top-up at least £50 regardless of the currency. If you use the card in a country which doesn't use one of the 13 currencies, you will be subject to a 3% charge. You can use the card for four years.