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Marks and Spencer Travel Money

Marks and Spencer is one of the British high street's best known brands, having been in operation for more than 135 years. The retailer has bureau de change desks in many of its UK stores, offering convenient travel money services on more than 40 types of currency.

Customers can exchange amounts between £250 and £2,500 at the desk or can order their currency for collection in advance. If you don't spend all of your money, Marks and Spencer will buy back any unused foreign currency at the exchange rate on the day you return it.

How do I order Marks and Spencer travel money?

You can order your currency online for collection or pop into any of its branches with a bureau de change. More than 120 Marks and Spencer locations have a bureau, so collection is convenient for most people.

Some branches also offer a pre-packed service for euros and US dollars, where you can collect the amount you require from the customer service desk of a store without a travel money bureau. Unfortunately, you will have to visit a branch to get your money, as Marks and Spencer currently do not offer any delivery options.

Do you get M&S points when buying currency?

Despite the fact that M&S reward credit card owners or Sparks Card members get points for spending in M&S, you won't get points for buying currency. This is because it's not classed as 'goods'.

Who provides Marks and Spencer travel money?

Marks and Spencer's travel money service is provided by M&S bank, an outfit of the retailer offering financial services including current accounts, credit cards and mortgages. It's run as a joint venture arrangement between Marks and Spencer and HSBC, so it benefits from the backing of one of the world's largest banks.

Can I buy euros with my M&S credit card?

Yes, and it will actually get you the best deal. M&S credit card customers will get the best exchange rates and will get up to 55 days interest-free credit on their purchase, as well as none of the extra fees that some credit card providers can charge for currency transactions.

Do Marks and Spencer offer travel cards?

No. Currently, Marks and Spencer only offer a cash currency exchange service, with no apparent plans to introduce a travel card option in the future. You can use its credit or debit cards abroad, though you will incur quite hefty fees so it's not the ideal solution.