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HSBC Travel Money

There're plenty of options when it comes to getting your travel money sorted for your holidays. From high street retailers and the Post Office, to global travel groups and banks, each offer their own perks and added extras. One bank that offers foreign currency is HSBC. It's one of the largest banks in Europe and operates from around 1800 branches in the UK.

Can you buy travel money at HSBC?

Yes. HSBC wants to make buying travel money as easy as possible. Just order online and collect from your local branch or get it delivered to your home. HSBC offers a large selection of currencies and you can compare its competitive rates online.

How do I get travel money at HSBC?

Buying HSBC travel money is fast, as well as easy. As long as you order online before 2pm, your foreign currency will be ready to collect from your selected branch or delivered to your home the next working day. There're no extra costs for delivery, but you have to buy a minimum of £100. The maximum amount of travel money you are able to purchase is £2500.

Ordering HSBC travel money online is only available to HSBC, M&S Bank and first direct customers. Therefore, you will need to pay for the currency with a HBSC, M&S or first direct debit or credit card.

Can I get a travel money card at HSBC?

HSBC doesn't offer travel money cards, but it does encourage its customers to get in touch before jetting off and using their debit/credit card abroad. You can use your HSBC card the same as you would at home. Simply log on to your online banking and head to the 'Travel notification' section.

Does HSBC offer a buyback service?

Yes, if you return from holiday with any travel money left over, just pop back into your local HSBC branch and it will buy it back from you. You should ask about the exchange rates in branch as they can differ.

How do I decide how much travel money I need?

The amount you budget for your holiday spending will depend on your destination, how much food and drink you are planning on buying out, what sort of activities you intend on doing and how long you are away for.