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The Exchange Rate – Pounds to Yen

The pound (GBP) to Japanese yen (JPY) exchange rate shows you how many Japanese yen your UK sterling will buy. At the current mid-market rate on, 1 GBP can be exchanged for 132 JPY. It's likely to have fluctuated since the time of writing though, so make sure you check for yourself. Japan has a cash-based society, so make sure you travel armed with travel money or a plan to obtain yen as soon as you can.

Where can I find the pound to yen exchange rate?

You can find an accurate picture of the pound to yen exchange rate at sites like However, this is the mid-market rate, used by banks and currency traders, and rates this good won't be offered by currency exchange providers. It's useful to know the mid-market rate anyway, as you can compare travel money providers to it. Try to find one that has a rate as close as possible to the mid-market rate to ensure your pounds go as far as possible.

Best pound to yen currency exchange rate

The best currency exchange rate for Japanese Yen is currently being offered by WeSwap Travel Money. It's offering an exchange rate of 129.9 JPY to 1 GBP. This will change frequently though, so make sure to do your own research before you travel. Many travellers also say you can access much better exchange rates in Japan, so consider exchanging your currency once you arrive and only taking a small amount of yen with you for emergencies on arrival.

Pound to yen currency exchange comparison

If you want to compare providers' rates easily, use a comparison website. Many offer a travel money comparison service, which will show you the best rates on offer right now. Look out for any additional offers from providers too, like free delivery or rewards for purchasing with them, as well as the rate.

Currency exchange calculator

You'll find currency exchange calculators on the website of every currency exchange provider that sells yen. This will let you work out how many yen your UK sterling budget will buy. If you're not sure which provider you're going to choose and just want a ballpark figure for the sake of budgeting, check out a mid-market site to give yourself a rough idea of how far your pounds will go in Japan.