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The exchange rate – pound to Turkish lira

The pound (GBP) to Turkish lira (TRY) exchange rate shows you how many lira you'll get when exchanging your UK sterling currency. The pound is relatively strong against the Turkish lira, meaning holidaymakers can get great value for their money when visiting Turkey. The exchange rate is currently 1 GBP to 7 TRY (according to, though will likely have shifted since the time of writing.

Best currency exchange rates – pound to Turkish lira

The best currency exchange rate is the mid-market rate, used by banks and currency traders. However, travel money providers won't offer you this, as they need to make money from providing the service. Look at to find out the mid-market rate and then find a provider offering the closest rate to this for the best possible deal.

Currently, the travel money provider with the best currency exchange rate is Travel FX Travel Money, with a rate of 6.856 TRY to 1 GBP. The rate fluctuates regularly, and the best provider will be different according to this, so make sure to do your own investigations before settling on a provider.

Where can I exchange pounds for Turkish lira?

Turkish lira can be found at most British currency exchange stores, as it's a popular destination for Brits to head for their holidays. It's worth checking if your chosen provider needs to order it in though, as it may not be available to purchase by just walking in as euros and US dollars are. To get the best rates, order your Turkish lira online for either collection or delivery. Make sure you also shop around as much as possible to get yourself the best deal possible.

Can I exchange pounds in Turkey?

You can also exchange UK sterling at currency exchange offices in Turkey, which many travellers say is the way to get the best possible rates. Banks, post offices and airports will also offer currency exchange services, but don't often offer you great rates. Some vendors will also allow you to pay for goods in GBP but avoid doing this as it's easy to get ripped off if you're not clued up on the exchange rate.

Currency exchange comparison

Use a currency comparison site to find the best possible deal on your Turkish lira. These will look at how much lira you get for each pound, as well as displaying any other perks each provider offers you.