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The exchange rate – pound to Philippine peso

The pound (GBP) to Philippine peso (PHP) exchange rates tells you how many Philippine pesos you'll get for every UK pound you exchange. The pound is relatively strong against the PHP and the Philippines is a very cheap country to visit, with alcohol available for less than the price of a soft drink, so your money will go far. At the current mid-market rate, 1 GBP currently equals roughly 64 PHP, but is likely to have changed since writing this article.

Best currency exchange rates – pound to Philippine peso

Before choosing where to buy your Philippine peso, find out the mid-market rate from a trustworthy site like This is the rate that banks and currency traders buy currency at and, although you won't find a currency exchange retailer that offers these rates, it's a good comparison tool when shopping around for the best deal.

The best currency exchange rate on the market currently is offered by Travel FX Holiday money. This travel money provider offers a rate of 60.8 PHP to 1 GBP, as well as free delivery for all orders over £700.

Where can I exchange pounds for Philippine peso?

You can exchange pounds for Philippine pesos at lots of the UK's leading travel money retailers, but you'll generally have to order it in advance as it's not one of the most common currencies. However, you can't bring more than PHP50,000 (roughly £780) into the country without written permission from the Philippines Central Bank. UK sterling can be exchanged at banks, hotels and some shops in the Philippines, so you can also exchange your currency once you arrive.

Currency exchange comparison for Philippine peso

Using a comparison site is the easiest way to compare currency exchange providers. Simply type in the amount of GBP you'd like to exchange for PHP and the site will do the rest of the work for you. Whether you use a comparison site or shop around manually, make sure you always compare a few providers to find the best possible deal.

Currency exchange calculator

Any currency exchange provider will have a currency exchange calculator on its website that will allow you to work out how many PHP your pounds will buy. If you're looking for a ballpark figure to help with things like budgeting for your trip, use a mid-market site like to get a good estimate of how many PHP you'll get for your UK sterling budget.