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The exchange rate – pounds to naira

The pound (GBP) and Nigerian naira (NGN) exchange rate shows you how many naira your UK sterling are worth. At the current mid-market rate on, 1 GBP equates to roughly 444 NGN.

Where can I find the pound to naira exchange rate?

You can find the exchange rate at a mid-market reporting site, like

What's the best pound to naira exchange rate?

You'll enjoy the best pound to naira exchange rate on your travel money at a bank or reputable currency exchange shop in Nigeria. Try and bring crisp new notes in the largest denominations possible for the best rates. Currently, there aren't any comparison sites that can compare the best GBP to NGN exchange rates, so the mid-market rate is one of the only outsider's ways to see the exchange rate.

Where can I buy naira in the UK?

The naira can be notoriously tricky to find outside of Nigeria. Most major currency exchange brands won't routinely offer the naira to purchase, but it's worth enquiring to see if smaller travel money providers or ones that specialise in rarer currencies may be able to order it in.

If you live in an area with a large Nigerian community, you're also more likely to be able to source naira from a local travel agency or currency exchange provider, so ask around.

Can I change pounds to naira in Nigeria?

Yes, but make sure you visit a national bank like the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) or reputable currency exchange provider. Black market currency converters are common in Nigeria and will offer you poor rates or even counterfeit money. Hotel chains, like Hilton, also offer currency exchange services, but you're not likely to get the best rate from them.

Can I use cards in Nigeria?

Major cards like Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted but be cautious when withdrawing money as cards can be cloned. Try to use a pre-paid card which will convert your home currency into naira, like the Travelex card, to keep your money safe. If you're visiting family or friends that have a Nigerian bank account, a great solution is to use a service like TransferWise to access your money.

If you choose to use your regular debit or credit card, make sure you tell your bank you're visiting Nigeria beforehand. If you don't, your card is likely to be blocked to protect you against potential scams carried out in Nigeria with international cards.